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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone,
I’m Angie from Singapore. I’d like to share my story with you!

It’s exactly 6 months after the surgery today. I love my double eyelids! Thank you for Dr.Choi from Gangnam Seoyeon Plastic Surgery.

Each person has their own standard of beauty, I had typical Asian Eyes before, my friends said that it's my charming point, but I didn't like my feature. I prefer to have three-dimensional face. But my eyes were small and i looked too bland. I wanted to make my eyes bigger and more defined, that is why I decided to have double eyelids surgery.

I searched a lot to find the right clinic for me. Not long after searching, I could meet someone who had same surgery in Korea. She said that Korean plastic surgery techniques are world-class and the price is also very reasonable, and she also introduced the clinic where she had surgery a year ago.

Even if I’d never thought to go to Korea for the surgery but after I saw her before and after pictures, I contacted the clinic to get some information and They replied right away. I had a Skype consultation first and It was very reliable. I also found that Dr.Choi is one of the most popular doctors in Korea and the number of visiting customers introduced by word-of-mouth are increasing every year.

Actually It only takes 4hours from Singapore to Korea, Come to the think of it, there is no reason not to go to Korea for the surgery.

As a result, I did incisional method of double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction and now I’m very satisfied with my eyes. My features got a lot more defined, right?

My younger sister is waiting for the same procedure with me, But She is totally in lockdown due to the Corona virus, I hope that the situation will end soon and She can go to Korea.

Take care of yourself in the time of COVID-19 outbreak.
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