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Severe Sleep Apnea Confirmed -Caused by Dr Oh Regen

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I just heard from my Pulmunologist about my sleep study I did over the weekend. He showed me the report and it was so scary! I have very severe obstructive sleep apnea. I was not breathing constantly throughout the night, it was one apneic episode after another. At times I had desaturations to 77%!!!!
He said this was definitely caused by Dr Oh moving my jaws too backward and this is a dangerous condition.
It can lead to high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, heart failure , motor vehicle collisions!!!!!
He showed how my chest was pumping hard to get me to breathe but my airway didn't want to open!
Dr. OH caused all of this by moving my jaw too far backward. Not only is it physically ugly and deformed with a concave mouth but my airway is severely narrow, causing severe obstructive sleep apnea and choking episodes and leading me who is a 30 something healthy person who doesn't drink or smoke and is normal /underweight now to significant health problems
Dr. Oh and Suyen have ignored me for over 4 weeks now.
They will not give me any operative or consent forms,
Now I have to get a CPAP machine to sleep at night and prevent these long term conditions. I also need my revision surgery to move my jaws forward and give my airway room.

EVERYONE I AM WARNING YOU!! STAY AWAY FROM DR, OH FROM REGEN. He is not an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, He illegally did v line on me and moved my jaws far too backward causing severe medical conditions.
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