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any suggestions clinic for Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty in Korea?

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First of all, I apologize for my English writing because I know there are some grammatical errors that I hope to remedy in the future (please don't bully me✌️✌️).
I am male 29 years old just moving from Indonesia to Sydney. I have a big wide nose and big ears (i will show you the picture) 21553D58-7305-4477-A719-8FB721C0004D-4745-000004CA62F6B080.JPG which makes me not happy with my appearance. I have been thinking about PS so long ago and I have decided to do it after this pandemic over. I have been focus on research for best clinic, cost, and reputable surgeon.

I have made a list for the clinic and the surgeon so far.
1. Item PS -> Dr. Kim Jing Sung
2. DA PS -> Dr. Kim Joo Youn
3. Nana PS -> any suggestions?
. Wannabe PS ->
5. Mine PS ->

I know all this clinic do Rhinoplasty but i don't know about Otoplasty anyone can give me feedback about this clinic? I tried to contact them by email and kakaotalk however they have no reply yet

Thank ❤️❤️
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