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Anybody did rhino at Cocoline, DA, Dr Jin or Hanabi?

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Hi Amy,

After meticulous hours of research, I, too, found an interest in Cocoline. Everyone who got their rhinoplasty done at Cocoline mentioned Dr. Kim.

I got into contact with Cocoline via Kakaotalk, and asked for an online consultation with Dr. Kim. Unfortunately, they told me that he has since left Cocoline to open his own clinic.

You can reach out to Dr. Kim directly on LINE. His LINE app ID is iatros99. His clinic site is www.1stbutton.com

He got back to me within minutes to discuss my photos and what I wanted. He’s super nice, but he didn’t seem too confident in being able to give me the results I wanted, even when I asked for a slightly taller tip. I think he goes for a really natural look, using autologous cartilage only. My concern was that I wasn’t looking to lift my bridge at all, just tip-plasty, and I sent him two photos lowering my tip from the original desired result using a photo editor. The results he wanted to give me were barely noticeable.

So, keep that in mind. If you want a super natural look, I think Dr. Kim would be the perfect doctor. I personally want a more noticeable change because I’m willing to travel across the globe and spend money and time. I want people to say I look very different (in a good way).

Pricing through Dr. Kim is pretty reasonable. Here is his direct quote to me: “A Rhinoplasty costs about 3000-3500USD, a fat graft costs about 1500USD.”

I also asked Cocoline after they told me that Dr. Kim left if the Before & After photos on their website was done by a doctor that’s still currently there. They read my message and never got back to me. That seemed a little sketchy.

That’s all the advice I can give you from what I’ve gotten back from both Cocoline and Dr. Kim. I hope this helps!!

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Thank you for letting us know! I'm perfectly happy with my first rhino (not in Korea), but I'm aware that if I get DJS I might need to get an alar base reduction, at the very least. 

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Also want more info on rhino clinics.

I'm doing a virtual consult (Hanabi) now but I've read both good and bad things about them so I'm not sure.

Interested in LA/OC area asian rhino as well.

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