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My rhinoplasty general consultation information (Hanabi, 1st button, Marble, Light PS, ect)

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I typed up a whole big thing with addresses and names and stuff and my laptop died on me so this is gonna be barebones while I cry over the time I wasted lol.

Going to come back and put all the details I originally had haha....


1. Hanabi

  • Consultation via Whatsapp, Tony's the point of contact
  • Dr. Chang
  • Natural nose
  • Both silicone and rib available
  • No GU/BT info, kinda sketch
  • No in house anesthesiologist? 

2. 1st Button

  • Dr. Tae Hwan Kim (former Cocoline) consults via Kakao/Line
  • Natural noses imo
  • Very nice GU/BT b&a but they use makeup in the afters

3. JT 

  • No response

4. Marble

  • Dr. ?? (have to look it up again)
  • Kakao/Line consult w consultant
  • May be too conservative results (Most expensive quote)

5. DA 

  • No response 

6. Light PS

  • no response yet
  • Dr. ?? (Only one doc at the clinic)

7. Machimpyo

  • normal consult
  • Dr Seo (former MVP)

8. Nana

  • basic quote given, didn't send any pics
  • Dr. ???

Max quoted price for rhino was ~7M KRW 

Cheapest was ~4M KRW i believe

atm I am leaning towards 1st button from the reviews (makeup skews afters tho) and Marble (GC people went there for rhino)

I think that my f2f will help me decide, and I will ask for more pictures of noses similar to mine as I get closer to my flight. 

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