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So I decided to write about my surgery experience in this forum because I want to help people who want double jaw surgery and V line surgery, and I am very grateful to have met this clinic and the results. first, I have a long jaw and my lower jaw is forward, so even wearing braces can't move it back and it's hard for me to chew food. And I have a square chin.so in june i had my surgery at everm dental and stayed in korea for a month.Initially I had 2 clinic options namely eu dental and everm this is a clinic that I read from various forums where I chose the best of the best,then finally I consulted via whatsapp with these 2 clinics and they both advised me to do double jaw and v line surgery.. in short cut why i choose everm dental ? 


1. The doctor has 25 years of experience in the maxillofacial world.

2. There is a celebrity from my country who had jaw surgery at Everm and the results were very good
3. Doctors are experienced in handling cases where the jaw is more severe.
4. Famous on local TV from ancient times
5. FYI the clinic was also visited by artists that we certainly know in Korean dramas.
6. The clinic is full of local, Japanese, Taiwanese and Taipei visitors.

7. everm has a higher price than eu dental because the doctor is more senior and has a lot of experience. And i choose it because i trust the doctor with all his experienced so it WAS WORTH IT, dont choose A PLASTIC SURGERY DOCTOR BUT CHOOSE MAXILLOFACIAL SPECIAL. because it already depends on the facial nerves, if we don't choose an experienced one it will be at bad risk. IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE A DOCTOR THAT ALREADY HAVE MANY EXPERIENCE.

8. i saw on their instagram, the results are really like what i want, a korean face shape.

9. Only have 1 director dr yoon, and who did the surgery its only the director there's no other doctor.


First I did a consultation via WhatsApp and sent a photo to Mr Lui (Clinic English Translator) who responded very quickly and patiently to the questions I asked a lot. Finally I set a schedule for consultation and surgery in June. in short cut The first day I arrived in Korea, I immediately consulted at the clinic, the staff were all warm and welcoming, and I met the English translator Mr Lui where he was very kind, helped me return to my home country, I met Dr Yoon (Director ) for a consultation where the doctor explained in great detail and was very patient in listening to my questions and always smiling not making me tense and because I had surgery the next day. where on that day I immediately took blood, dental x-rays, heart health checks, stomach, and others. And I paid directly in cash for double jaw+Vline i paid 20.000.000 krw. 3 days and 2 night to stay at clinic.


at 8 am I was at the clinic, changed clothes then the nurse came to check blood pressure and check allergies,at 8 am I was at the clinic, changing clothes then the nurse came to check blood pressure and check allergies, after that the doctor assistant entered the room and also the anesthesiologist to introduce himself.. I am very happy with all the staff in this clinic they are very gentle like the director.different from other plastic surgery clinics in Korea that I've been to, the faces of the staff and doctors are all sour. on 8:45 the nurse call me to go to the operate room. at that time I immediately prayed to God so that the operation went smoothly and the results were good as I wanted. In short cut I was given a sleep anesthetic. take a deep breath and fall asleep


The first time I woke up I was dizzy and wanted to throw up,and this is the part that I think is difficult where we can't sleep for 2 hours to release the anesthetic effect so you need to focus on your breath. in short cut again, you have to keep breathing for a weekI don't feel any pain just trying to breathe the most important thing.while at the clinic, the staff always came to the room to check and change the ice pack on my face, and did a section,THIS IS A HARD PART LOLLL, but dont be afraid because after the staff did the section you will be relieved in breathing. and every morning the doctor's assistant will come to check. 


for 1 week I tried to keep breathing.without feeling any pain on my jaw, and there was no day when the thread was removed because the thread was absorbed,and for 2 weeks I have to liquid diet, it's important for you to bring your favorite milk and also pocari sweat, and i ate some ice cream. no hot soup,spicy food,coke.in my opinion the hardest day is day 4 to 7 because it is getting swollen and difficult to breathe. So I always use a cotton bud rolled up with a wet tissue and scrape my nose to clean the blood.. after that I can breathe and I immediately spray breath relieve spray. it's my daily life that I always do every hour and also drink powder medicine which is not very bitter. took the medicine for 2 weeks. Until now I still remember the very bitter taste of the medicine... During a month in Korea, I always checked into the clinic where I was taught to open my jaw, brush my teeth, and get infrared treatment to reduce swelling. and every time we go to the clinic, there must be Mr Liu (translator) who is very kind and funny. And always answers our questions about Korea, or his opinion, or our silly questions.

post op 4 month 

I'm happy with the results because my chin is completely V and the nerves have started to improve and are recovering.my face changed.

The point is I didn't choose the wrong clinic, I was very happy with the results AND GRATEFULL THANKS GODD AND ALL THE SUPPORTS FROM MY FAMILY LOP LOP

PS : I don't promote because I want to get a discount, and the clinic doesn't need promotion because it's already crowded with patients, unlike other clinics that pay as much advertising. I am indeed moved to share my experience because the results were in accordance with what I wanted and there were no failures. so it was worth it for the pain that I felt and went through.

if you want a photo before and after pm me or any other questions just comment, I'll be happy to reply !!

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Hello i would like to know the name of your doctor? Is it dr yoon? Did you just do facial bone surgery and no fat grafting? I would like to know the results if your b&a and how your recovery is on day 14 as i plan to go to get rhinoplasty revision at a separate clinic after 14 days

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