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Is it possible to do rhinoplasty and breast augmentation in the same trip?

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Exactly what the title asks. 

I’m going to be in Korea for ~4 weeks in Feb/March 2023 and I was wondering if it’s possible to get both a nose and boob job in the same trip. More specifically, can I do boobs at one place and nose at another? 

I’ve heard of people doing both in the same session so they only need to be under anesthesia  once. The recovery sounds brutal since there’s the combo of post-op difficulty breathing through nose from the rhinoplasty on top of the pressure on your chest from the boob job. 

The issue is, I have a few doctors I’m considering for rhinoplasty who are definitely nose experts and I would much rather see a nose expert than a jack of all trades. So I would definitely have to go to two places, do each operation in a different session. This means going under anesthesia twice. In terms of order, I’ve been advised to do BA first in case the doctor needs to put on a gas mask for anesthesia. 

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I don’t care about the possible recovery pain as so much as the results and safety. 

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