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Braun or DA plastic surgery hospital? What are your thoughts for sliding genioplasty

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Hi BeautyHackers!

I'm new here hoping to seek recommendation and advices from people who already undergone surgery or people who are planning to have plastic surgery. I would like to have a sliding genioplasty surgery, after 1 month of research I was choosing in between DA or Braun Medical Group.

Braun - more expensive and offered other surgery as well like jawline shaving and facial liposuction

DA - affordable however communication went off 4 days which is a red flag


May I ask if anyone has good reviews to share from these two plastic surgery hospitals? I read bad reviews from these 2 on PurseForum and wondering what information I would get here.

Kindly add me to KaKao Talk plastic surgery groupchat please. My KKT ID is bryht


Thank you!

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 Dr. Kim Hyun Ju and Dr. Lee Dong Chan at DA have great reviews and quite famous for facial contour. A friend had facial contouring with Dr. Lee at DA, and her recovery went very smoothly.I had nose surgery at Braun last year but noticed some nose tip droopiness.I am not sure if  Braun is bad for genioplasty but, I am not satisfied with after care services, so I'm planning a revision in winter with  Dr. Kim at DA. Their consultants have been  responsive on WhatsApp .What messenger platform are you using to contact them?

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