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non-incisional DES, arm + accessory breast fat lipo at Woori post review

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It's been around 10 days since I've had non-incisional eyelid surgery, arm liposuction, and accessory breast liposuction at Woori plastic surgery.

I initially wanted a semi-outline but my doctor, Dr. Cho Minseok, advised against it due to the risks of the surgery loosening. I then decided on a in-outline instead with a smaller risk loosening. It's very important that your doctor is transparent with you so I'm glad he had told me the risks so I could make a more informed decision.
The recovery process went well. My eyes hurt as if I had multiple styes, but not a large amount of pain, for around 1.5 days. Afterwards, they did not hurt unless I blinked with a lot of pressure. I think the swelling will go down a bit but I'm satisfied with the results!

[arm + accessory breasts]
I was only initially going to do arm lipo but decided to add accessory breasts last minute with no trouble.
I was told I was a level 2 amount of fat and I got 1200cc removed from both my arms and accessory breasts.
I could instantly see a change in my accessory breasts which I found cool. My arms are still swollen which is normal so I'm waiting for it to go down. The circumference of my arm was 11.5 inches and now it is 11 inches. 
The recovery process is not as easy. It hurts a lot, it feels similar to straining your muscles after you go to the gym. I still cannot raise my arms over my head lol. After 10 days, I don't have much pain in my upper arms, moreso my left hand has an aching pain. I've been icing it with the eye mask ice pack they gave me. Even though it hurts, this recovery process is what I expected so I'm tolerating it!

Other costs you should expect is medicine + compression garment. It was 75,000 krw for me.


I heard a lot of people say that they are freezing when they wake up after anesthesia. It wasn't the case for me because I woke up with a heating pad under me which was extremely nice.
Additionally, my english consultant at Woori was very lovely and stuck with me the entire process. I'm very grateful that she was there with me and made a big difference in my experience






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