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  1. Oh ok so a clinic with « plastic surgery « in the name or « dental clinic » is safer ?
  2. Hellooo im currently interested In some dental clinics and I would like to know more about the surgeons,if they are graduated or not... I’m considering TFD with dr lee eudental with dr shin everm with dr yoon so pleaz share feed back or info don’t share website info I mean I already read them lol I need solid proves or diploma.
  3. Just check a dental clinic in Korea. You have plenty. Ask them through email or KakaoTalk if they can fix your problem.
  4. Im also interested and im only hearing about fresh for fg
  5. Thank you for posting your update! Love the new face shape as it more balanced. Congratulations! The result of the jaw is amazing girl !
  6. I created a kakao chat group for people going in November if you want: https://open.kakao.com/o/g7A8loY
  7. 1/2 month is enough to be able to get back home but the swelling will still be here unfortunately. it’s very long to deflate
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