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  1. I am interested in this clinic,, however I see no credible reviews? their before and afters look amazing, thoughts?
  2. Hey guys! (My first thread since I'm new here) I want to get zygoma+vline + eyes+nose all done in one trip, however I am considering have it all done it one place or going to two different places. I really like TFD and Dr Lee however I am not sure if going to seperate clinics is a good idea. Since I believe after FC I will be very swollen however most clinics suggest I do my eyes and nose first if I choose 2 different clinics. Should I just get it done all at once in one place? Not sure which of these clinics is good for every surgery.
  3. My dreams are to be a nurse or work in a hospital in the future I hope this site will be useful for me
  4. Hi guys! I'm here to research about korean PS im interested in TFD, view, namu, jk and NANA
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