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  1. << It is worth going to View just for the English consultant, Jasmine. She completely made my Korea PS surgery am exceptional one. I could have had such a different experience in Korea if it wasn’t for her! Everything from planning my trip, to being on a trip, to recovering from my surgery, she was there for me. I am so thankful for her. Her English is pretty much native level and her demeanor is like sunshine; bright and warm. Have doubts? Just reach out and see for yourself! >> Planning When I was researching clinics, I wanted to choose a place where I could do m
  2. No worries! My friend said those times of year are best to go because of the weather and there will be no public holidays so it'll be less busy. Weather is important to consider because you'll be healing so you want to be comfortable. Public holidays also means more people will be getting work done and the city will be busier. Hope that helps!
  3. I'm also looking for an all in one clinic (rhino, eye fat repositioning, and acculift) and so far I have shortlisted View and Dream as my top two! I've read lots of good things about View, but not as many reviews here on Dream. I did read that Dream is a favorite of korean celebrities though.
  4. I'm planning to go to Korea in September/October (I heard from my Korean friend that that's the best time to go) and I want to get Rhinoplasty (open, nose reduction), eye fat repositioning, and acculift. Anyone have experience getting a bunch of procedures done on their face at once? I've been talking to View and Dream as I've heard those are the best for doing multiple procedures. I figured doing everything in one trip would be more economical and convenient. Does anyone know the best doctors at View and Dream for face? Should I be looking and consulting at more clinics than just these two if
  5. Lisa from Blackpink is my inspiration! She has very soft features.
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