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  1. Thanks for the list! I also have the same facial concerns as you and want to do my eyes/nose/some non-invasive procedure for face. Is there some way to see results by doctor or search for top rated doctors? Gangnam Unnie has some ratings but don’t know if they are trustable..
  2. I totally feel your pain - there aren’t enough reliable sources for us foreigners. The Visit Korea Medical website has a list of clinics it endorses but I’ve not heard of most of them. http://english.visitmedicalkorea.com/english/pt/index.do It’s supposed to be run by the government. I also plan to stop by the Medical Tourism Center when I get to Korea and see if they have any advice.
  3. Hi all! I haven’t wanted surgery at all until COVID came and now I’m waiting until quarantine is lifted. It feels like forever and I’m checking the news every day. It’s an unhealthy obsession lol. My procedures are going to be DES, rhino, and fg. I’ve been doing a lot of research and the clinics I’m interested in are Nana, Wannabe, Marble, Namu, and Machimpyo.
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