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Some concerns about plastic surgeries

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Good morning/afternoon/ evening

I found this forum since a while, and I consider it a big gift for me since it have great members that have noble souls that like helping others (I did not like to use the word “big” since it is the word that made my nose bad LOL, but I have to ).

My big dream is hearing the statement “you are a good looking guy!”

I didn’t hear this word since childhood, I know that I have inside good looking, but I want to be good looking outside too because when people ignore me because of my bad outside, my inside will be destroyed!

Actually, my inside was hurted too much . The first time I felt I am not loved by others at 6 years old because my mother born me after 7 months only, not 9 months, so I was born before my time, the result was very small not symmetrical face, and I am 35 years old and have the same problem, but the happy news I have good body, so I think if I work on my face, i will acquire my big dream.

I decided to make plastic surgeries when I felt that my life is stopped, when I feel that I am in the edge of two ways: good looking or suicide.

Actually I tried to suicide many many times, but I feel lucky that I am still thinking to acquire my big dream.

I am sorry to bother you by this long story, but I need your help in my decision and I have a lot concerns such as:

1- I will put all money that I have in these plastic surgery, do you think the result worth it?

2- Are the face surgeries for (nose, eye, ears, chin .. etc) affects the functions of organs? (I mean is there a surgery that damage the smell or damage the vocal cords for example?

3- I have allergy in my nose that make me sneeze loudly ( When I sneeze, all my family wake up, and all kids cry LOL ), do you think this will affect the nose surgery? I scare that all stitches will be destroyed if I sneeze!

4- Also I have little redness in my face, is it a problem for plastic surgery?

5- I am from very hot city in summer, is it a good decision to make the surgeries now in the summer? or should I wait until winter?

6- Is these surgeries may make permanent scarring?

7- I don’t have hair in my face sides, and the hair of my beard and mustache very little, are the clinics in South Korea grow hair in the face?

I can’t wait to read your responses to my concerns ❤️.

I will be here in this forum until I success either to be good looking or ending my life LOL , any way, I will tell you about all my experience.

Thank you so much for reading my thread ❤️, and I am sorry if any sentence was not clear because English is not my first language, and I am still improving in it.
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Good morning.

First of all, I’m sorry you are going through this. Please don’t think about ugly stuff anymore, learn how to accept yourself and yes, improving your looks can help and actually be life changing.

To answer your questions:

1. It is worrh it if you pick a good clinic and a good doctor that know what to do.
2. Facial contouring surgery, jaw shaving and some other procedures may affect your nerves, but not the organs.
3. This you will have to check with your rhinoplasty doctor. Some of them are ENT qualified also and they might actually be able to improve your sneezing problem. Again be careful with the doctor you chose.
4. No, that’s a dermatological issue.
5. They say it’s better to have surgery in the winter if you are doing liposuction, however for the surgeries you need, summer or winter doesnt really matter. Also bote prices in Korea are better during summer compared to winter.
6. I have seen people who got permanent scarring after surgery. Depends on your luck.
7. Yes, there are clinics specialized for hair transplant.

I hope this helps. Getting stuff done is a long process and you might dislike the results initially in the first month. You need patience and support. Since you are depressed about your looks, I think you should go ahead with it and try. But again be very careful with your choice of clinic. Goodluck!
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Big thanks Mewdesu for this beautiful response, I appreciate your time to answer all my concerns, it helps.
Also I appreciate your supportive words.
best wishes
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Hi Big Dream,
Read your post, and I understand what you're going through! I've had surgeries in the past because I thought I was "ugly" and wanted my appearance to reflect my beautiful soul. Like you, I thought I could either get surgery to be beautiful or I would kill myself. Thinking back on those times, I was so silly! Please don't think about suicide. Some of my surgeries didn't turn out completely satisfactory, but still, I've improved a lot from my "before" face, and honestly I've gained a new perspective on life from going through all this pain! There is so much more to appreciate in life, plus you have a family and I think that's one of the most important things in life :heart: Life is wonderful, don't focus too much on appearance! I know I'm on a plastic surgery forum and we're all here to look our best, and honestly that is a worthwhile pursuit if you do your research, but it should not be the ONLY thing you focus on :smile: That said, to answer your questions:

1. It will be worth it only if you do plenty of research on the doctor and clinic that you want to have surgery at. Don't just choose a hospital because they are cheap (but that doesn't necessarily mean expensive ones are better), or because a consultant keeps telling you "just trust the doctor he is skilled". You need to meet and vibe with the doctor, make sure he understands exactly what you're concerned about, and make sure he's board-certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience.
2. Surgery won't affect your organs. Facial contouring might damage your facial nerves though.
3. You need to disclose this with your doctor! If you choose an ENT to perform your rhino, they might be able to address the functional issues as well as the aesthetics.
4. That is a skin issue and not related to surgery.
5. If you want to do facial contouring or liposuction then I guess it's better to wait until the winter because you'll need to use the compression garment and that might be really hot in the summer
6. Depends on the surgery and the doctor's skill.
7. Yep, you can visit specialized hair transplant clinics.

Wish you the best and that you'll choose a good doctor and achieve your dream! Don't choose the clinic on the whim, do PLENTY of research and choose an experienced doctor.
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You’re very welcome. I will also do my surgery pretty soon, in July. Please let me know if you decide to come and need any support :smile:
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@Big-Dream plastic surgery is a journey with ups and downs. I worry that your suicidal tendencies may not cope with a negative result from surgery. It takes enormous stamina and patience to weather the bad with the good. Often times there is a wait of at least 6 months before revising a mistake. That sad, if you do your research thoroughly and talk to real patients and follow them for up to a year, you minimise the risks of a poor outcome.

If you want to send me your photos through the site’s direct messaging system, I can offer you my suggestions which at least gets you a head start in the right direction and you can take it from there.
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Can I send you mine also? because you seem very experienced
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Sunnysnow, I read your response two times, I liked it too much, I appreciate every moment that you have spent to write for me, all your words touch the heart and all your answers help, the only thing that I need more from you to talk about is how can I choose the perfect and experienced doctor? I made plenty researches about some hospitals and doctors here and in google also, so is there any other helping ways to get the right doctor?
Thank you again and I hope you wonderful life.
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Hello MissOrange
Thanks that you are letting me know about some results that can happen, I will do all my best to prevent the poor results and acquire my big dream.
I appreciate that you will help me in my decision, so I will send my pictures for you after I take new high quality photos.
Thanks again MissOrange.
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You're very welcome, I'm very glad my words have reached you :smile: A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing a surgeon:
1. Make sure they are board certified and experienced. I recommend you read this page:
Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're unsure like: how many similar cases has this doctor operated on? How many years have they been practising? Etc. It should be the responsibility of the doctor to answer these kinds of questions! Don't just judge before and after pictures because those can be photoshopped. If you can, talk to patients of those doctors and see how their results have held up overtime.
2. Remember that plastic surgery is a science, it is not magic. You need to do research and find out what method will suit your needs, and you should decide your surgeon based on the method they use. The more details the better. When you do the face to face consultation, communicate with the doctor and make sure they understand what you want. They should explain in detail exactly how they're going to operate on you, and the result you are able to expect
3. Ask about whether there will be functional side effects to your surgeries. Usually eyes won't have any side effects but if you have nose problems, better to consult an ENT about the functional problems as well! And any facial bone removal will increase your chance of tissue/fat sagging or early aging, you need to weigh in the risks with the benefits.
4. You will be really swollen for the first few months but it will look natural after 6 months. The wait is long, you have to be patient during this time.
I'm by no means an expert, but these are some guidelines that should get you started. :smile:
To echo MissOrange, if your mental state is unstable, you need to completely let the fact sink in that when it comes to plastic surgery, things can go wrong. Even the best doctors can make mistakes, so you really need to communicate very well with them and get as many details as possible (it's their job to explain to you as you're paying them to achieve your goal). When you do research (find a certified doctor who has long time experience performing similar cases as yours) and communicate well with the doctor in regards to detail and exact methodology, your chances of achieving a satisfactory outcome will be higher. If a doctor doesn't seem really interested in your case, or evades questions/details, it's a red flag.
Wish you success in your pursuit and a fulfilling and happy life :smile:
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When it comes to scaring the very common surgeries (Like nose, Chin, eyes) if performed properly should not leave visible scaring as the incisions are either internal or external but very small and on non-visible places. If you have incisional double eyelid surgery it can leave a kind of "scar" that can be seen when you close your eyes but it is usually not noticeable.

As for recommendations of clinics, it would be helpful if you could list the surgeries that you are considering but the only clinic ive personally seen really good results for male plastic surgery is DI (not ID but DI. 디아이 성형외과 in korean) but they don't have an English translator as far as I know.
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I can't find the suitable words to thank you Sunnysnow,
Again big thanks for all your advices, it is very helpful and very precious.:flowers:
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When it comes to things like facial contouring they will probably follow the Korean beauty standard as obviously facial contouring makes your face smaller but you should be able to ask for things like whether or not you want a sharp jaw angle or a soft one. As for things like nose and eyes, They have a universal standard (Big eyes, Tall slim nose) but you should also be able to customize what your results will look like as there are many different types of noses and eyes that are considered in Korea and the west.
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Big thanks for your answer Cythr :flowers:
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