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Checking if a doctor is certified by the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons

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Hi all, 

During the course of my research so far, I have extensively used this site to check if a doctor is certified by the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons. 

This post is to share how to check if a doctor is certified. There are several pointers to note: 

  1. The Korean website is more updated than the English version (a few years dated).
  2. The mobile version of the Korean website allows you to search by clinic's and/or doctor's name (whereas the web version only allows you to search by doctor's name).
  3. Sometimes, the clinic's name may be spelled differently (e.g. DA Clinic may be reflected as 디에이성형외과, 디에이 성형외과 or DA성형외과). It may be better to search by doctor's name in this case. Also, sometimes when a doctor moves to a new clinic, the site may not be as updated and the doctor's name may still be reflected under the old clinic's name which he practiced at. 

I have attached screenshots on how to interpret the results. 

Hope this is of some help.




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updated to explain how to read suspension for non-payment of membership renewal fees
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