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Facial Contouring—sliding genioplasty and square jaw reduction. Where should I go?

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Hello, I am new to this site and would like to get some advice on which clinics are best for sliding genioplasty (I have a very small receded chin), and square jaw reduction that is natural. 

I am new to the process and am looking for genuine advice. I had looked into Banobagi and ID hospital, and was planning on going with Banobagi (Dr. Oh), but I am unsure whether I can trust the reviews online. I’ve read a little about TFD, and Dr. Lee, so may decide on consulting with them too. Any advice?


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I have read about those clinics (Banobagi and ID)  and I heard they're more like factory-like clinics which cater to foreigners and also bump up their price a lot. I've also read about shadow doctors at ID hospital. 

I'm not too sure about TFD 


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My friend did a consultation at ID and she mentioned it was very rushed (gave the factory-like clinic vibe) and that didn't leave a good impression on her, so I crossed ID off my list.

Now I'm looking at DA, a Korean friend of mine recommended DA (she mentioned it's popular among locals as well), but after extensive research, I did find an interview about a medical malpractice 3-4 years ago.

So now I'm back at the start again 😢

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