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  1. @teena How did your surgeries go? Which clinic did you end up going to?
  2. I have read about those clinics (Banobagi and ID) and I heard they're more like factory-like clinics which cater to foreigners and also bump up their price a lot. I've also read about shadow doctors at ID hospital. I'm not too sure about TFD
  3. Hi everyone, Just want to ask is there a reason why Opera quotes are so much cheaper relative to other clinics? I am a bit skeptical because of the price
  4. Hi, Anyone who has had FC done, can you please share your experience with facial sagging? whether you had it or not? And was the facial sagging around cheek area or was it around the jawline? Thank you!
  5. Hi, are these Kakao groups still active? I'm planning to do FC
  6. Hi, I'm currently researching clinics to get FC. So far, i am interested in DA and Opera. However, i would like to hear what other clinics people recommend? Thanks
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