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Anyone visiting Korea in March for DES? :)

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Hello everyone 🙂 first time posting here! 
curious to know which clinics everyone is thinking about going to for DES?

also, I’m traveling to Korea in March and it will be my first time! Excited yet nervous. wondering if anyone else will be visiting around this time as well? 

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Hey me too! 😄 I’ll be in Korea in the first couple weeks of March for DES and rhino. It will also be my first time!

I’m personally considering Wannabe and UVOM. I’m unsure about doing rhino at Wannabe because they aren’t ENT certified; but I figure DES would be safe at their clinic. Though my goal is just basic symmetry for eyes, so it’s nothing dramatic.

I don’t think I would be able to decide until I meet all the doctors face to face and see if they catch any underlying issues and go from there.

I’m also still arranging and researching clinics, so my shortlist might change!

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On 1/3/2020 at 7:09 PM, Snorl4x99 said:

Bruh, have you looked at Nana and Dr Jins premium nose clinic for rhino?

Hey! Sorry for the late response!

I have considered both clinics, but I decided to meet Cocoline, Wannabe, and UVOM face to face. I heard Jins Premium Nose clinic has an “arrogant doctor” but maybe it just means he is confident in what he does? If I have time, I may consider consulting him face to face, because I do hear a lot of good things about his work.

As for Nana, I just couldn’t find enough information on it except that lots of people from Thailand comes to this clinic. I am Korean, so I’m hoping to meet clinics that caters to locals because I’d like to make sure they are experienced on Korean faces.

I am also very happy with my 3 clinics I’ve short listed; Hyundai used to be on there but all clinics except Hyundai said I didn’t need silicone. (In fact, the consultant at Hyundai laughed at me in the online consult for asking if I really needed silicone saying it’s impossible when 3 other clinics are saying otherwise...)

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Yes, I'm going first week of March and plan to stay 2 weeks. I'm getting DES revision,  body lipo, and full face fat graft. I'm also going to consult for rhino but will have to come back later in 2020 for that. There's actually a lot of us going since it happens to be low season for ps. 

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Hello guys 🙂 

I live in Europe and will be coming to South Korea in the start of March - I hope 😶 Praying that the health authorities will succeed in keeping the damn virus far away from K.

Anyway:  l have been writing back and forth with a bunch of clinics... Lots of reading on the net and forums. Now I have managed to shorten my list down to only 2 clinics; those are the clinics I consider for review eye and rhino surgeries (v-line / facial lipo are also a possibility). And yeah - fat graft, of course !!! (at a 3rd clinic).

f2f consultations are booked, looking forward to March.2020 !!!

Please add me on kakao, my ID is [email protected] or HBmina2 (now I don’t remember which is Id and which is username...) what a dummy me 😂


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