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  1. Hi ilikesoyamilk !!! Can you also pm me ? I’m also interested in Nana PS. Do you have kakao id ?
  2. Hello there As I stated in another topic, I am also coming to South Korea in March !!! I’ll be staying at an Airbnb - maybe we can meet in between surgeries Please add me at kakao, my Id: [email protected] or HBmina2 (I can’t remember which is Id and which is username )
  3. Omg I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with this clinic... I had them on my list once - TG I had crossed them from my list... Hope you will get your nose done as you wished Thanks for sharing and helping others.
  4. Hi NanaHachiko, Have you checked the sites of skin clinics? Try RenewMe, BLS, Oracle, G Clinic or some of the clinics indicated by others here. You might find more information. Plus: contact each clinic, explain your history and ask for alternative treatments and info I am also going to consult some clinics in March, as I have pigmented spots and some initial wrinkles. One of the clinics wrote to me that a treatment normally requires several sessions; it is rare that only one session will be enough ? But ask the clinic / doctor for advice, as they know better and have trea
  5. Hello guys I live in Europe and will be coming to South Korea in the start of March - I hope Praying that the health authorities will succeed in keeping the damn virus far away from K. Anyway: l have been writing back and forth with a bunch of clinics... Lots of reading on the net and forums. Now I have managed to shorten my list down to only 2 clinics; those are the clinics I consider for review eye and rhino surgeries (v-line / facial lipo are also a possibility). And yeah - fat graft, of course !!! (at a 3rd clinic). f2f consultations are booked, looking forward to Marc
  6. Hi there, Adm I have sent you a PM as requested, but still not gotten a password to kakao chatgroups ?? Interested in Revisional DE, Nose review and Genioplasty/FC. Hope to hear from you soon !!...
  7. Hi guys Thanks for posting about your experiences here. I have to say I've learned lots from reading the different topics on this forum. I am currently researching on clinics for revisional DE. My prior DES left me with BIG creases (too big)... it took years for them to look slightly more natural (results do change over time!!?) So generally speaking, I do think my eyes look better today than they did the first 2-3 years after my primary, but still... they're far from perfect!!... Just so confused now Since I have read both good and bad reviews on revisional DE at Mvp... H
  8. So sorry about your partner and what she went through aw... Thanks for sharing her story and warn others about the malpractices and lack of ethics of this clinic... Before reading your post, Namu was on top of my list ?? I had read some very positive reviews on purseblog ? I actually did consult w.them via email, but thought their prices were steep (contrary to the prices paid by the other girl, who had written a positive review on them?) plus the consultant was very cold and didn't answer all my queries. Now after this - I have reconsidered... and decided to permanently cro
  9. Hello... So I am new in this forum Planning on a rhino review, DES review and (maybe) full FG in Korea. Still doing some research to find out clinic and procedures.. and currently working and saving up for the operations... Hopeful to be learning a lot and getting wiser in the topics !!!
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