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  1. @ChubbyBun HEY GIRL!! Thank you so much!! I know, it's really crazy how time flies!! And I also suspect that it is leftover swelling since the asymmetry is pretty slight! Thank you for your kind comments, I hope you're doing well!! @Curiousbbops Thank you so much!! Yeah I'm very happy how natural my face looks! I forget often that I had surgery at all hahaha! No one questions me on it either! A bonus imo haha! ----- 6th month update! SOOO... technically I can wear sunglasses now?? I am a little afraid still though and gonna try to delay this as much as possible but summer
  2. Oof I forgot to update a few days ago. In my defense, a lot of stuff came up last week (my pets needed vet visits ) that exhausted me out and I just blanked cause I was busy resting up hahah. Here is my 5 month update, I think I have a few notable things to discuss: I tried putting on makeup for the first time. To be completely truthful, I noticed my nose has a slight slant to the right. The lighting for this month's photo can show this a bit more clearly. I only noticed this more due to putting highlighter on my nose bridge. (This photo is without makeup btw) I checked my kakao
  3. @hype Hey there!!! I'm so glad I could help!!! If your case for your nose was anything like mine, I think you can get good results!! Good luck and wishing you the best!! ---------- Sorry for posting a day late! I meant to post last night but I was really caught up with playing Animal Crossing and forgot to post hahaha!I don't really have much to comment, again, but I did want to bring up about my ear; I keep forgetting to mention something about it, so I might as well do it now! So there's been a consistent kind of annoying "pain" on my ear where they took the cartilage from, but it's be
  4. @cactus Hey there!! Thank you so much for keeping up! I'm just glad my review could be helpful!! I still don't regret a thing so far! But I am trying my best to be critical and honest and observe my progress carefully! I would still 100% recommend Wannabe and Dr. Cha especially if you had the same kind of nose as I do and you are looking for a natural result! @chrissy Thank you so much!!! I hope this lock down improves as well.... I miss going outside, and I really want to be able to show myself off HAHA!! I hope you can consider consulting Wannabe at least! They have been super helpful a
  5. Thanks guys!! I hope you guys are well and healthy! It's been 2 months now and I am back with another progress report as promised!Sorry for it being so late in the day, my job has been hectic and I was pretty caught up with video games hahah!So a few things to note! My internal stitches FINALLY came out! I think it was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago that they started to come out; I did have to kind of dig my nose with a q tip to kinda encourage that but it didn't hurt or anything. And another TMI thing is like.... I keep getting HUGE boogers, it's really annoying. That's why I keep sticking q
  6. @Yukino147 HEY! Thanks for reading! I hope it helped! Wannabe's ID for Kakao is eng_wannabeps, and IVE's ID is ive001; they only have a Korean consultant there, so you need a translator! I am in the discord and I check it from time to time, but it has very low activity so I think you are not missing anything. I think the coronavirus situation has put everyone's plans off. @onlyoneknows Thanks!! I'm glad you found it funny LOL! Yes, it was all Dr. Cha! I wasn't aware if we could consult BOTH doctors so that one can do eyes, and the other does the nose. I was personally more concerned about m
  7. TODAY'S UPDATE!I am now 22 days post op! (Or 4 weeks!)Well, not much has changed I think. I carefully overlay my photos to keep the angles and position similar to my other progression pics and this time, the overlays were quite similar as last week's! However, these are taken in the morning; in the afternoon, I notice my nose gets a bit slimmer. (I'm sorry, I just can't be bothered to take more pics... the lighting in my home is better in the morning too) I heard this on and off swelling thing will be the norm until I reach my fully healed position at 6 months. ONE thing I noticed is the swell
  8. Today's update! I am 15 days (or 3 weeks) since my surgeries!Someone asked about my scars and how they are healing, so I posted my eyes and nose from today! I started using Dermatix (a scar cream that a kakao PS friend has reccomended!) which is a silicone-based scar cream on my nose, but there is really no scar that I can see so far. I'm using it just in case though as my nose is very dry where the incision is. I'm only putting it on the outside of my nose. Alice had told me not to put it on my eyelids cause there's a risk of getting it into my eyes!My eyes are definitely evening out now! And
  9. Day 8 (Thursday, March 12th): Finally got my cast off!! Holy crap, it hurt so much when the nurse peeled it off!! I could feel the pain reach my teeth.... but omg, when I looked in the mirror, my nose looked so good!!!! There was some slight assymmetry still on my eyes and nostrils but they were much more improved from the previous days. I decided I would let my body deal with the swelling first before judging! They also removed my ear cast and stitches finally!!! My ears felt so sore and cramped in that thing! She put a tape on where the stitches used to be, and told me it's fine to get it we
  10. Day 0 (Wednesday, March 4th): I also came to Korea on behalf of my dad, and my dad instructed me to visit Jeonju's city hall to get some paperwork done for him. After that, I had visited Jeonju's traditional village and ate their famed bibimbap! It was soooo delicious!! The area was quite empty; just some shop keepers and maybe 1 or 2 other couples walking around the area. My bf and I had a lot of fun! However, yesterday after the consults, I started getting some itchiness and I freaked out and took some antihistamines last night. I have a contact-dermal allergy which I never found out what ca
  11. Saturday, February 29 - Sunday, March 1st: Flight day! It was a hard decision. My bf and I weren't sure if we would be able to return to Canada due to the coronavirus outbreak in Korea. However, I'm glad we went! We decided it would be better to go before things get worse and we would have to put off our plans for up to another whole year. (My job is not flexible with time off) We landed in Korea around 5pm Korean Time, and we just explored the area a bit and checked into our Airbnb and went to bed!Monday, March 2nd (Consulation day):IVE: I consulted at IVE (for both eyes and nose) at 10am wit
  12. For a quick look-see of my progression, here are 2 charts I have put together for my eyes and my nose! I will write more in detail about them in the next couple posts!
  13. Here is a quick run down on the clinics I've consulted:- UVOM: This was my top choice, until I discovered some of their reviews were fake, and someone told how they were badly botched by them on Kakao. My online consultation with them also gave me a bad impression; they wouldn't book an in-person consultation until I had confirmed my flight.... and after I had confirmed my flight to accomodate the dates I wanted to meet them, they told me they couldn't do it that day. Uh what? I crossed them off. In hindsight, it was extremely weird of them to do that because no other clinics had any issues wi
  14. Hello everyone!It's Bruh in the Kakao chats and discord! I am sharing my review of my experience of getting non-incisional DES with ptosis correction and my no implant hump removal with short nose correction surgery at Wannabe with Dr. Cha!For a bit of background, I'm a Canadian-Korean with very little Korean knowledge! I can speak, read, listen, and write some Korean but it's very basic. I hated my hump nose for as long as I remembered (I had some people even comment negatively on it...), but I finally got the courage to get it done when my dad suggested plastic surgery for my nose. As "weird
  15. Do you guys have any info on these clinics for nose and eyes? - Ruby - Marble - Naturalism - Ilumi - Nplus - Yonsei First - Conopi - Barroco Nose Clinic/Baroko I already have Cocoline and Wannabe on my shortlist, but my previous third choices (Uvom and now Nana) I decided to go against after some KKT conversations and some of the vibe I got from those clinic consultations... Thanks!
  16. I’m not so sure so many people will be going in March anymore because of the coronavirus.... I’m kind of in the fence because of it
  17. Thank you for your response Cupcake!! I’m always eager to save on some money! The street food is such a great deal!!! I can’t wait to get fat hahaha! Do you know if the 7/11 convenience stores sell groceries? I have a BNB that is near one and I was planning to pick up some ingredients for cooking and some cheap instant food there? (My local 7/11 has some basic groceries so I was hoping Korea has similar products or better!)
  18. I’ve saved 1k CAD to spend on food for my two week stay but I have no idea if this is enough or not. I plan to eat out a few times between consulting and near the end of my trip but during the key recovery period (rhino and DES) I was going to make simple meals. Could I possibly get away with a 500$ CAD budget? Would any veteran or frequent visitor mind sharing their budget? Is the cuisine on the cheaper end in Korea? Like we aren’t looking for like 4 star Michelin tier restaurants. We are simple and just appreciate any tasty food. It would be nice to try one fancy meal over there though,
  19. Hey! Sorry for the late response! I have considered both clinics, but I decided to meet Cocoline, Wannabe, and UVOM face to face. I heard Jins Premium Nose clinic has an “arrogant doctor” but maybe it just means he is confident in what he does? If I have time, I may consider consulting him face to face, because I do hear a lot of good things about his work. As for Nana, I just couldn’t find enough information on it except that lots of people from Thailand comes to this clinic. I am Korean, so I’m hoping to meet clinics that caters to locals because I’d like to make sure they are
  20. Hey me too! I’ll be in Korea in the first couple weeks of March for DES and rhino. It will also be my first time! I’m personally considering Wannabe and UVOM. I’m unsure about doing rhino at Wannabe because they aren’t ENT certified; but I figure DES would be safe at their clinic. Though my goal is just basic symmetry for eyes, so it’s nothing dramatic. I don’t think I would be able to decide until I meet all the doctors face to face and see if they catch any underlying issues and go from there. I’m also still arranging and researching clinics, so my shortlist might change!
  21. Hey did the rules change? The auto message I got said I need to use the title “done” in order to get the passcode but this rule isn’t mentioned in the OP? Can I still get the passcode for the chat please?
  22. I never post in these kind of things but hello, I’m in my late 20s. Never had surgery before because I was too young and broke; now I can afford to do it! Here are the procedures I’m interested in: - DES non incisional - rhinoplasty (hump removal, tip plasty, and possibly osteotomy) -Sliding genioplasty for recessed chin I’m still figuring out my shortlist and researching the possible risks and costs for my procedures. Planning to have something done by March 2020.
  23. I have a list of concerns regarding rhinoplasty - Will the distance between your eyes change after a rhinoplasty? (Like hump reduction?) - Will my upper lip projection be improved/affected after having my tip turned? Or will it just create a longer philtrum? - When using ear cartilage for tip plasty, do they use both sides of the ear to make it even? Are your ears visibly reduced? - A rhinoplasty is supposed to last for life but my digging and research seems to imply that if you have an implant, you may need to go back and have it replaced or even removed... a lot of revisi
  24. I got the green light to vacation in Korea for March; glad it’s also the cheapest and safest time to visit!
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