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DES and hump rhino at Wannabe! (15 days post op)

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Wow, this review is perfect! I'm considering Wannabe or NANA for rhinoplasty! I consulted with UVOM, GNG, Hanabi, and clinics in Toronto but I didn't get a good feeling after all those 😞 . Hopefully the COVID situation gets better and I can go to Korea next year. Thank you!

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@cactus Hey there!! Thank you so much for keeping up! 😄 I'm just glad my review could be helpful!! I still don't regret a thing so far! But I am trying my best to be critical and honest and observe my progress carefully! I would still 100% recommend Wannabe and Dr. Cha especially if you had the same kind of nose as I do and you are looking for a natural result!

@chrissy Thank you so much!!! I hope this lock down improves as well.... I miss going outside, and I really want to be able to show myself off HAHA!! I hope you can consider consulting Wannabe at least! They have been super helpful and friendly in my experience! 

Hi guys! I've returned for the 3 month update! Sorry I am technically a day late, but it's like midnight where I live. I took the photos earlier in the day and just put off posting for a while since I had work and video game commitments hahaha!

I can't say that much has changed since last month. My only concerns and thoughts were this:
I'm not sure if you can really tell in this photo (last month's photo you can see this a bit more clearly), but if I run my finger along the bridge, I feel a slight bump where my new bridge is (which is where my septum cartilage would have been added.) This creates a bit of a "dent" in the middle of my nose bridge, but I am staying patient and seeing if this is just partially swelling and maybe my body needs time to absorb some of the cartilage to make a smooth line. I'm not super concerned since that I know my bone was very high up my nose bridge, so I don't think it's a collapse, but rather some left-over swelling of some sort. I was warned many times that the mid to tip would be the last parts of the swelling to go away, and that it lasts the longest! I am just at the 3 month mark, so maybe on the 6th month it will have improved by then. It is also very slight, I feel it more than I see it in the mirror or in the photos I take.

I tried to post a less distorted version of my nostrils since last time's looked weird. I think it's as symmetrical as it gets. I really can't see the scar at this point on the collumnella. I think it might be my lighting and maybe imagination, but I think one side of my nose is de-swelling a bit faster than the other side around my nose tip? It's a bit more defined looking? My nose bridge is also looking a bit more defined and narrow, but in a nice way!

I laugh and talk normally, I still feel stiffness when I make the motion where my upper lip is curled in so that my bottom teeth can touch it. (It's just a bad habit of mine that I do to peel the upper lip skin LOL...) It feels like I can't really do that anymore, or that I am still afraid to do that haha.... I was advised against doing this because it would create tension on the scar, but I can't really do that anyways. Not a huge loss but I thought I should share. I don't have trouble closing my lips or anything.

My eyes seem like they are pretty much all healed up. There's still some very very tiny left over scars. I admit I haven't been as diligent lately with putting on my cream hahah. I put it on maybe like every 3 or 4 days now for both eyes and nose. This isn't deliberate, I just got lazy.

I haven't tried wearing make up yet. This lock down in Canada is still going strong although we are loosening restrictions little by little. I'm in a work from home situation so I have very little reason to go outside. My bf usually does the groceries for us and we just order food/supplies to our door. My close friend has seen my eyes (I wore a mask) once in person when dropping off a gift, and she didn't mention anything about how different I looked. I guess it's not that noticeable? I'm glad; I just wanted a natural MBB look!

I still sleep with my neck pillow (seriously so comfy) but I don't really sleep on my back anymore. I just use it to make sure my nose doesn't get crushed on the pillow or something. I sleep on my sides again... sometimes I have weird dreams about my nose falling off or getting terribly distorted or something but that's about it hahaha! I have fears about my nose job going wrong even still, but when I look in the mirror I look totally fine. Best thing I think I can do is just relax and wait a full year since everyone's healing progress is different.

And that's all I can think about that is significant about my eyes/nose. I honestly forget that I had anything done and just live life as usual. I guess though it is nice to look in the mirror and realize how much better I look now even while disheveled looking hahah.

See you guys in the 4th month! (July 1st!)


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I just want to say, thank you so much for your consistent updates and your detailed photo blogs.

I wasn't even considering nose surgery but I also have some dislike of my nose tip and I have a dorsal hump so I'm considering it adding those with my eyes (my eyes are also asymmetrical!!) just because of your post. 

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@hype Hey there!!! I'm so glad I could help!!! 😄 If your case for your nose was anything like mine, I think you can get good results!! Good luck and wishing you the best!!


Sorry for posting a day late! I meant to post last night but I was really caught up with playing Animal Crossing and forgot to post hahaha!

I don't really have much to comment, again, but I did want to bring up about my ear; I keep forgetting to mention something about it, so I might as well do it now! So there's been a consistent kind of annoying "pain" on my ear where they took the cartilage from, but it's been getting better every day. To this day, it is still slightly sensitive; I try not to crush it on the side of my pillow and if I wash, I try to be gentle in that area because if I rub too hard, it'll get irritated and itchy even. I mean it's not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind I guess! Obviously it's not a life-changer since I keep forgetting to even mention it because 90% of the time I don't even feel it. Just certain positions where I lean on the ear or if I rub it or something. I'm touching my ear right now and it doesn't hurt, but I think sometimes the pain is random? The pain is like a 1 on a scale of 10 where 10 is the highest. It's just like a deep itchy sensation; like an itch you can't get to cause it's below the skin? It doesn't last long and usually it's because I irritated it somehow.

I have also been really bad about my eyes; I've been rubbing them a lot out of bad habit. I have a sort of allergy I guess where I would randomly get itchy, and my eyes felt itchy a few times but I try to rub it along the lash line and not the double eyelids so not to loosen it, which I've heard is possible.

Last time I mentioned the "dent" on my nose is still smoothing out, though I haven't been running my finger along the bridge regularly, I swear the swelling or whatever it is moved down a bit, but that could just be me being hopeful or something? It wasn't really a huge issue to begin with. The tip of my nose still feels a bit hard, but that's not something I think about or notice often. Looking at my nose objectively, I think it still looks fine. I actually feel it's a lot slimmer and pointier than before but in a good way hahah.

Still putting on the scar gel on my eyes and nose, though now it's definitely something like every 3 days or more. I don't really see any kind of scars, maybe there's like less than 5% left on my eyes if I was really critical, nose is pretty much down to like 3% or less, surprised my nose scar healed a lot faster. The only parts that are visible for the nose is the incision that is near the inside of my nose columnella? Like where it wraps around into my nostril? The very edge of it? I think I mentioned this before, but it's like really not that noticable imo.

I mean, I'm pretty happy with my results still over all. It feels good to look in the mirror even at my most disheveled and think that I look good! I've definitely had more confidence with going out without make up like for my digital meetings with my coworkers, though now I'm curious how I would look WITH makeup, I just don't get that opportunity these days with the whole lock down and corona thing lol it's too much effort imo unless I'm going to be out for at least a few hours.

And I guess that's it! See you guys August 1st for my 5th month! Crazy how it's already been half a year.


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Oof I forgot to update a few days ago. In my defense, a lot of stuff came up last week (my pets needed vet visits 😞 ) that exhausted me out and I just blanked cause I was busy resting up hahah.

Here is my 5 month update, I think I have a few notable things to discuss:

I tried putting on makeup for the first time. To be completely truthful, I noticed my nose has a slight slant to the right. The lighting for this month's photo can show this a bit more clearly. I only noticed this more due to putting highlighter on my nose bridge. (This photo is without makeup btw)

I checked my kakao messages later that day and noticed that Alice had messaged me to see how I was doing (about maybe a couple days prior, I don't really look at Kakao messages anymore.) I told her about my concerns and she checked my pre-op photos and said I always had a slight slant to my nose. I discussed with her about the septum deviation and Dr. Cha did correct it according to their procedure notes, and he did what he could. It's hard to tell, but I think she is right; I had a slight slant to my nose in the first place but my humped nose sort of prevented that from being noticed due to how the light drops off from the humped part? Now that it's a straight bridge, it's more noticable. To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure if my initial asymmetry is what caused this in the first place; it looks like it's on the part of where the cartilage is placed (lower half of the nose) is what's causing the slant. To Alice's credit, she responded promptly and it was kind of her to check in on me before I even reached out to her first.


Currently I have no plans to have it revised or anything. I have to wait until the 6th month anyways for a revision, and I'm waiting to see what happens and how I feel about it then. So currently the two things I'm concerned about is the slant, and how on the nose bridge, there isn't a smooth feeling from the top to the end of the nose still. I'm not in a rush to fix it basically. I'm unsure if there's still swelling left that might cause that reflection/slant so I think I will see how it looks in 1 year to be extra sure. They are considerably minor for now. I'm also trying to weigh whether or not a revision is worth it should I choose to pursue that path. I know of revision horror stories, so I am a little wary to go under the knife again to be completely honest.

And also worth noting, no one has commented about any asymmetry; I was the first to notice it. I think maybe it's something I can live with? As long as it doesn't look noticeable I'm fine with it. My boyfriend thinks I look fine, but I haven't seen anyone regularly since the pandemic so I don't exactly have a wide sampling of peoples' opinions in real life. Again, I think I will sit on this until I reach the 1st year.

I STILL want to note, this new nose is still a big improvement to my old nose. The previous problem (the hump) is still weighed a lot more than my current problems. (The bumpiness and the slant)

Thanks to everyone so far who has been kind and supportive! I'm maybe nitpicking but I'm going to be completely honest here; I think the slant is bothering me a lot more than I thought. I could've lived with a bumpy-ish nose bridge that can mostly be felt more than seen, but the slant is kind of bugging me. I'll keep you guys updated!


EDIT: I did a quick google search on my current conditions and it seems the recommendation to wait a year is common. So yep! Gonna wait til a year to give any final verdicts!


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Extra note!
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hey Bruh! thanks for your update and keeping us informed on your healing progress! I can barely see the slant that you mentioned (I wonder if it's due to slightly more internal swelling on one side than the other?), and your eyes are looking gorgeous 🤩 

isn't it crazy how fast time seemed to pass in the last few months? every week seemed like an eternity to me in the period immediately following having PS, and now it seems to flow together alot more. I'm glad to hear that you are giving it time to settle! 

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@ChubbyBun HEY GIRL!! 😄 Thank you so much!! I know, it's really crazy how time flies!! And I also suspect that it is leftover swelling since the asymmetry is pretty slight! Thank you for your kind comments, I hope you're doing well!!

@Curiousbbops Thank you so much!! Yeah I'm very happy how natural my face looks! I forget often that I had surgery at all hahaha! No one questions me on it either! A bonus imo haha!

6th month update!


SOOO... technically I can wear sunglasses now?? 😮 I am a little afraid still though and gonna try to delay this as much as possible but summer is pretty much over already and the virus is STILL a thing (holy moly) so I don't know when my next opportunity will be next anyways... but yeah! That's about that!


Well it looks a lot straighter in today's update because I am slightly bloated. (I took this roughly about 2 hours after eating something spicy) I think it's interesting how much my face can bloat and change how my nose appears.


I did a lot more research in this month's time and seeing other cases of crooked noses post rhino (curiously, they are also all hump-removal type rhinoplasties with an osteotomy), and just knowing that the situation with my nose is very slight in asymmetry in comparison to some of the cases I've seen puts me at a bit of ease. A lot of the advice that was given was to just wait a full year as I had mentioned in my previous post so I am basically just gonna sit tight.


I'm carefully monitoring how the "bump" on my nose bridge is behaving, and it is definitely gotten a lot more smooth now though I can still feel it is still there. Again, this is the cartilage part I am talking about, and it is more felt than seen. In fact, this month's photo makes it look like the bump was never there, but again, I think the bloat caused a bit of it. I just didn't wanna delay this month's update any more since I was late again hahaha.


Oh I forgot to mention; I realized sometime this month that I have the slightest little scar/skin tag thingy on my eyelid line. It's probably due to how I didn't take as much care or notice to my eyelids when they were recovering, but I just took some tweezers and pulled the little bugger off and while it's not completely flat at least the loose skin part is gone? Sorry for the TMI hahahahaha! No blood was shed! Just a bit of minor OCD relief! My double eyelids are still going strong. I rubbed my eyes a ton too, though I try to keep it close to my lashline for the rubbing. I try not to make a habit of it, since you never know and it causes wrinkles hahah. But I remember someone told me I could never rub my eyes again after getting my eyes done or else I'll lose my double eyelids, but I don't think that's the case for me here. Even if I tilt my eyes slightly, I can see a very visible crease form. (Not in the sense that it's a scar, but more like my skin memorized where to crease my skin?) It may loosen as I age, but they are pretty strong for now.


Anyways, gratz to me for being somewhat consistent in posting! Personally I didn't think I would be able to. I hope I can bring some more insight to those who are curious and wanting the surgery! I don't particularly consider myself to have any form of body dysmorphia or anything so maybe it helps to hear from someone like me I dunno hahah.


I have to admit, even amidst all these unknowns, I still quite like my new nose. Every time I catch a glimpse of my nose in its profile as I turn away from a mirror or something, I just keep thinking just how nice I look. My boyfriend took candid photos of me and they actually looked nice? I used to hate them so much because it would usually capture my hooked nose but now I look more... I dunno, normal? Youthful? Not like one of those "looks old yet young" type faces? Hahahaha!


So my next planned update is on March 5th, which would mark 1 year of my plastic surgeries hahah! The reason why I am spacing this one out for 6 months instead of monthly updates is because there is very very little visible progression I think from this period and beyond. Even for the last few months, I don't think I really seen many changes? I think in 1 year maybe there will be more to compare with. So I will see you guys in March 5th!


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