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Double Jaw Surgery at The Face Dental Review

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Hi, I'm Schadenfreude in KakaoTalk. I had double jaw surgery at The Face Dental (TFD) on Jan 28th 2020.

A little bit of background on me.. Naturally, I have a very pointy or protruding chin and long face. I have a bit of gummy smile and my bite is off laterally a bit. I already had braces for a year and half and already removed them for a year before this surgery but I have permanent retainers. So so far at 4.5 months post op, I don't need to wear braces again after surgery. FYI usually your nose shape will CHANGE depending on how much you move your upper jaw, after two jaw surgery. So, if keep this in mind, you can ask Dr Lee at TFD to do alar cinch to minimize changes on your nose.

Through KakaoTalk, I consulted with multiple clinics and most suggested two jaw surgery for me. Then when I'm certain of doing two jaw, I decided to go to clinics that specilizes just two jaw. So I narrowed down and had face-to-face consultations at EU Dental with Dr Kim and TFD with Dr Lee.

EU Dental

EU Dental is very professional and had lots of local patients. They seem to be very well known for their vline as well. I was quoted 16 mil won which already includes 40% discount with consent to full face photos and updates following 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. 

The Face Dental

TFD is a dental clinic and Dr Lee is more personable than professional. I ended up going with Dr Lee as he appears to be ethical and care about safety. I was quoted 15 mil won and later I added under chin lipo for 1 mil won. This is usually because there is sagging under chin after major bone surgery. 

On the day of Surgery

The only pain is from needles of IV drops which is very minor. The anesthesiologist then gave me oxygen and started counting for GA. I was out right away. Next thing I know, I woke up with headband on my face and just feeling really really uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable (no pain) that I regretted doing surgery for like 15 mins? But after 15 mins, it's all smooth ride for me. It keeps getting better everyday. Nurses told me I bled very little and recovered very fast. 

Dr Lee cut 3mm off my mid face for my gummy smile. Moved my upper jaw forward 5mm. This should lessen my deep nasobial folds he said. Also he did a bit of rotation as I had facial asymmetry. My chin was pointing more to my right and Dr Lee tried to correct that by moving 4mm to left. He didn't give me exact mm for cutting my chin because he said he'd see how much would be relevant during surgery depending on my new location of jaws. He cut 12mm in total off of both sides of my jaws to even out the steps between the cuts of the jaws. 


I was hospitalized for 2 days with the 24 hour nurse. The first night, breathing was very difficult as there was still bleeding from the surgery. So I had to call the nurse throughout the night and couldn't sleep well elevated. This is pretty common and I think I was able to sleep better after 1 week. 

I saw Dr Lee every other day for oral hygiene, for him to check on my progress and LED deswelling sessions. He recommended drinking lots of water and walking as much as I can for faster recovery. 

I was not able to open my mouth and on liquid diet, drinking through syringe for maybe 5-7 days. I do recover fast so by 7 days I already ate thick soups and cake or bread. By 3-4 weeks, I was already eating everything except really hard food like nuts. 


I bought a box of protein drinks from TFD. And I also took Mend Cosmetics (which has bromelain and arnica for deswelling) a cup everyday starting 1-2 weeks post op when I could drink from a cup. In addition I took Vitamin C supplement. 

Overall, I'm very happy with my results although I wish some small details such as assumetry were more perfect. However, I still think Dr Lee did a great job and won't be going for any revision. 

My Kakao is hello3San for anyone needing any tips. 

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