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First time rhinoplasty - looking for tips, reviews and advice

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Hi all, 

I am travelling to Korea for rhinoplasty in April 2022. It will be my first surgery, so I'm looking for any advice in choosing a good surgeon. Price is not an issue - I don't want to cheap out and then end up botched or having to revise my nose later. So far I've narrowed it down to the following:

  • ATOP
  • UVOM
  • Wannabe
  • Light
  • View
  • Dream

I am asian, and have a short nose. Looking to get my alar reduced, tip plasty and increase in bridge - a nice balance between natural and the "barbie / dolly" nose. Also looking for tips to increase the recovery process / unswell etc

Thank you !

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Hi @Noomie

Welcome, it sounds like you have a good short list there of 6 places and you have good understanding of what you want to achieve. The next steps will be narrowing down from there. Going to 6 clinics may start to get a bit overwhelming because different doctors may suggest different approaches. 

Also, your next step would be to find the rhinoplasty specialist at each clinic and start looking into them.

There's a lot of good info here, you can start digging up (I'll come back and re-edit this post with some links).

Have you done any consults with those places so far? It would be good to consult with a doctor near your area as well, a lot of people don't consider this, but it's good for research purposes and to practice speaking with a doctor. They may charge for consult outside of Korea, but worth the price for more insight.

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