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How do I navigate Gangnam Unnie?

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I've been trying to find before and after photos for certain clinics, but I can't find them using the search bar or any English-speaking social media. So I tried using Gangnam Unnie, but since I can barely speak Korean (I can understand a little) it's been difficult for me. I can see various before and after photos from random clinics, but I can't find where to search for a specific clinic. The only search bar that I can access seems to be for events only... If someone could help me with this I'd be super grateful

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@polishedjade are you searching in English or Korean? You will have better chances searching by the Korean name. Do you know the clinics you want to search for? I'll try to dig up the Korean names for you to paste in. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of those apps because they're specifically designed to undermine rational decision making and increase impulsivity. They're great to scan and get some ideas, but I would not rely to heavily and base my choices on reviews or photos found there. 

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