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Should I go to ID Hospital?

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Hello! I am Andy from Hungary. My girlfriend wants a V-line, cheekbone reduction and some kind of face lift surgeries in Korea. She wants to go to ID Hospital, because she heard a lot of good thing about it (mostly influencers). However, I dig a little, and find out, that is al about marketing. Is ID Hospital a trusted clinic or not? Help please. Thank you!

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Hi Andy,

ID hospital is one of the larger international hospitals. Also, influencer marketing for plastic surgery is technically illegal, but it appears many hospitals do it. And influencer testimonials are often scripted, contrived and contractually obligated (they have to say nice things or pay a penalty). I think if you have some doubts you should consult face to face and see it for yourself. Also, it's great you're assisting your girlfriend, but how does she feel about it?

Also doing a contour surgery plus a face lift is a bit intense, some have recommended to separate the bone contouring and lifting by 6 months. 


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Hello guys!

After a couple of rounds of messaging with ID Clinic, we decieded that we won't go there, nor any other influencer backed plastic surgery "hospital". The contact person rarely gave us direct answers to our questions, basicaly just said, that everything will be OK. It was too shady...

We asked them to send the draft of the contract about the surgery. They asked back: what contract? Huh...

So after we insisted some kind of proof, that their rates won't go higher, when we arrive, they send this document. Basicaly, they DENY ALL responsibilities. It is a hard pass on our side. They asked to not post it, but here they are anyways:


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Hi Dawn Flower,


Thank you for posting that up, i was also conteplating going to ID hospital, but i think due to being sponsored i also thought it was highly recommended, but recently ive heard that they often have senior doctors for the consultation and then the actual surgery is done by much younger inexperienced doctors. 

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