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  1. Some clinics will charge you an extra fee for credit cards. Then sometimes your credit card will charge an extra fee then 10% tax which for some procedures you get back. So if your surgery is $5000 k usd and add 10% tax, 3% fee, 10% interest that’s 23% extra. (Just throwing out numbers) . Could be more or less . $1150. That’s significant. Cash is the cleanest way to pay. Convert in a bank so the clinic does not rip you with the exchange rate. I prefer to bring cash. Street crime is very low. I used a money belt. Most people spend it on surgery within the first few days anyway.
  2. I speak zero Korean and found that in Seoul it’s not that difficult to communicate. When speaking to taxi drivers it’s best to show them the address in their letters. Some don’t understand our alphabet. Using google translate while not that efficient is also helpful. When asking for help I find that asking young people as opposed to older, will be better ods that they will speak some English.
  3. Hi! Anyeli here! Thank you For organizing this forum. I’m in Korea right now. I had Face/necklifts, full body lipo, facial fat Graph and Breast lift. MVP, 365reset and Evita. Looking forward to enjoying this new no spin zone, forum.
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