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  1. Hello everyone and thanks Kino I likely won’t be as active on here. [cosmetic post 2014 - surgeries pre 2014 were not 100% cosmetic] 2014 - rhinoplasty 2017 - lipo 2018 - v line (mandible contour, genio with T-osteotomy, masseter muscle electrocoagulation), bullhorn lip lift, breast implants, lipo, breast fg, face fg, gum contour, veneers/crowns Planned: scar revisions, breast fg, face fg, lipo, co2 ablative resurfacing, acculift, submental salivary glands removal, veneers revision Considering: revision lip lift, revision rhino, midface augmentation, brow bone type III contour, endoscopic brow lift, calf reduction, thread lift, ptosis correction
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