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  1. Really helpful, especially the packing list. I would add an electrical adapter too, Korean outlets are different
  2. Hi! Looking to see if there are any native Korean speakers who could help me translate a few sentences. Looking to ask these questions over Kakao to clinics * What is the price for rhinoplasty revision? * What is the price for vline and zygoma reduction surgery? * I would like to book a consultation with (Dr Name) on (Date) Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah could you dm me the owner info? I already booked a room in pineville on airbnb but I can cancel and book directly through him instead if it's cheaper. Is it Sangsu or someone else? I am also going in December-January!
  4. DId you already stay at Pineville or did you book for a future trip? I am also looking to book at Pineville and wondering how your experience was if you already stayed there
  5. hi everyone! im seashell on kkt groups. im hoping to go to sk sometime in the first half of next year, but not exactly sure yet. planning on getting rhino, facial fg and maybe des + lipo into breast fat graft.
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