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  1. Yeah, I also heard there can be complications with being ‘bumpy’ with using cartilage. So maybe I’ll try to avoid making it higher. Haha. I just want it thinner.
  2. Oh I see. Haha. Well I hope doctors say I don’t need to raise the bridge so I can really avoid silicone. And still get a bit of a narrow bridge.
  3. @C.S.H Thank-you for the useful information! I am also looking into ENT clinics since I have somewhat of a deviated septum, and I didn't want foreign materials either but I also want a clinic that also does revision des. So it's a bit tricky to find clinics that have both. Also, did you do an online consultation with ThePlus? (Sorry if you answered this question already or if I missed reading it.)
  4. Hello everyone, I'm BlossomPetal. I'm in my young 20s, and I'm a mid-lurker. I recently joined the Kakao group chat for eyes and nose. I have gotten des twice, in 2011 and 2012 in Kuching. I visited Korea twice already(as an exchange student and for travel), I have gotten 3D eyebrow tattoo done in Korea. I planning/wanting to get des revision (third time, and hopefully last time) with ptosis correction, primary rhinoplasty + septoplasty, flat mole removal/laser for sunspots and pigmentation. I am considering maybe v-line injections or fat dissolving injections for the cheeks. And I am planning to go to Korea in mid-April to May.
  5. Hi verseHG, do mine PMing me too about the doc/clinic who you got it done from! I’m also thinking about it.
  6. Hi Pinkjanss, I was thinking of doing the similar procedures as you. I saw on Hanabi website on the online consultation they have an option of des. But I don't know if they do it since I know Hanabi is know for nose. I wonder if they do offer des, if you know please let me know!
  7. Hi ladybugz, I was wondering how your f2f with Uvom and Hanabi went if you don't mind sharing. I was thinking of Hanabi but there is not many reviews online that I can find. Thank-you~
  8. Yes, I am planning to go mid-April or May~ still researching clinics. And okay, haha. I was worried if they needed to know.
  9. I was just wondering if you don't mind sharing your experience with your consultation with Hanabi from last week~
  10. Oh, I didn't know that. I'll add that to my list of research, haha. I do prefer going to a ENT clinic so that's really good to know. If you don't mind, if you could let me know how the consulting goes with them in November. >< Thanks Honeyjello for the information!
  11. Oh, I never heard of that clinic, but I'll definitely go research them. That is pretty cheap, considering I want to remove multiple of them. Thanks Wondermuffin for letting me know!
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