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  1. I'm not planning to go next year, but if you're deciding between October and January, I'd recommend trying to go during October. I hear clinics are busier during the winter/summer (peak season).
  2. Hi honeyjello, Thanks for writing such a detailed and through review of your clinic consultations! I'm curious about your original DES at MVP, did you get the incisional method (with ptosis correction)? How big of a crease did you decide on before the surgery?
  3. Hi, lurker from the other bag-related forum here. I'm in my mid-20's and traveling with family to Korea next month to get DES. Contacted a few clinics but I'd like to get as much research done as possible beforehand :) I'm ethnically Korean so luckily my mom will be able to translate (I have kindergarten level Korean basically). Nice to meet everyone~
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