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  1. Hi im also looking revision in korea. Have you shortlisted any doctors?
  2. Hi hi, oh no so sorry to hear that. I have really bad eyelid surgery too!!! And looking for my 3rd revision!!! I was serious considering dr Kang from iou! Because I need to reduce my crease without skin excision. I had Too must skin and fats remove. Not much skin left. Now I need to research again for a doctor that can improve my eyes.... are you looking for revision again? Could we contact? Pls add me on Kakao gingingin20
  3. Or is there a chat I could join? Thanks.
  4. Hi hi. I had 2 upper eyelid surgeries. The first was ok but after 8years it started to be abit droopy and I wanted to “lift” the eyes so it would be brighter. But the 2nd surgery was horrible!! And looking for revision! Crease on one eye set too high, too much fats and skin removed! Both eyes so unbalanced!!! Anyway looking for eyelid revision I would love to connect and help each other out. There is too many Doctors out there and I been researching. And many mixed reviews. Pls add me on kakao if you would like to exchange ideas - gingingin20
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