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  1. I tried to do this but it required some key thing or a korean phone number, which I don't have, so I contacted them via FB and the email that's on the website but no one has gotten back to me. Anybody had better luck?
  2. I've been seeing Hanabi and O&Young online too but does anyone actually have experience with these clinics? O&Young uses donated (cadaver) cartilage for the dorsal bridge but I think rib cartilage for the tip. They seem to be really skilled with the aesthetics but I am also looking for a skilled surgeon for revision rhino with rib. I also found Dr. Cho Bae Jung from Koko online. He seems to use some combo of rib cartilage and bone! Sounds super scary but apparently the bone is used instead of the cartilage since it can warp? Thoughts?
  3. Hi! I'm Gogo, female in 30's. Got botched in Korea by one of the hospitals that was on the news for shadow doctors - didn't even know such thing existed till recently. Looking for a revision rhino surgeon that's skilled with rib cartilage
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