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  1. +1 thanks for linking, this is great. Also check out https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00238-008-0313-4. Effect of the menstrual cycle on intraoperative bleeding in rhinoplasty patients tl;dr: avoid scheduling your surgery when you are ovulating to reduce swelling and bruising.
  2. I asked two of the plastic surgeons in consults about how frequently they do surgery, and they both said that they consistently have to do heaps in winter but very few in October. I also noticed that around October there are lots of promotions as well. This information has helped me a lot — thank you so much for putting this information together!
  3. It depends on what time of the year you're trying to book.
  4. You can request one through the Gangnam medical tourism centre. Also check out this thread.
  5. I've put together a list of the doctors in this post + names in Korean + websites. Hopefully this is useful to someone else! Doctor, Clinic — Clinic in Korean — Doctor in Korean — Website Dr Kim Jun Yong, Luho 루호 성형외과 김준영 https://www.luho.kr/intro/intro03.php Dr Kim Deok Jung, Naturalism 자연주의 성형외과 김덕중 https://www.naturalface.co.kr/ Dr Rho Kyoung Hwan, PR 피알성형외과 노경환 http://www.prprs.co.kr Dr Lee Jun Woo, Item 아이템 성형외과 이준우 http://www.itemclinic.com/ Dr Kim Geun-Sik, Mate 메이트성형외과 김근식 http://mateps.co.kr/ Dr Lim Jong Min, Hyundai 현대미학 성형외과 림손민 https://hyundaisurgery.com/ Dr Jin-Sung Kim, JT JT 성형외과 김진성 http://www.jt-ps.com/ Dr Sunjae Park, Banobagi 바노바기 박선재 https://www.banobagi.com/ Dr Kim Tae Hwan, 1st Button 첫단추의원 김태환 https://www.1stbutton.com/renew/coco06/index1.php Dr Jang Sung-soo, IVE 아이브 장성수 http://iveps.co.kr/ Dr Cha Myung Kyo, Wannabe 워너비 성형외과 차명규 https://wannabeps.com/index.php
  6. I am not primarily here to use plastic surgery (directly) to become happier. I am here to use plastic surgery as another way to improve my appearance in order to further my career and increase my income.
  7. Super comprehensive list of apps. It's written for people that are travelling or living in Korea, so some of the sections aren't as relevant (e.g. the section on housing or banking).
  8. The suggestions in this forum tend to focus on either getting a SIM or pocket wifi. Assuming that cost isn't an issue, are there any downsides to using a roaming phone plan in Korea? I have a work-provided phone plan that includes roaming.
  9. I haven't personally had FC, but I did read this interesting post recently:
  10. DeepL is a great alternative to Google Translate. I've found that it tends to translate text in a more natural and idiomatic fashion than Google Translate, even though it also isn't perfect.
  11. I'm dancingpear, and I'm hoping to get double eyelid surgery in Korea. I saw a post on Reddit saying that this forum is more legit than purse so here I am Planned Treatment Stack Asian blepharoplasty Previous Treatment Stack Botox (2021) Daily Beauty Stack Morning Labmuffin DIY vitamin C COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence Hada Labo Gokujun Premium Hydrating Lotion Sunscreen Evening Tret 0.25 Aquaphor Thanks to the mods for creating and curating the information on this forum
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