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6 months after V-line surgery

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I already felt like it was long time ago when I got the surgery, but I remember every little detail while I was there.  I was just talking to my Korean friend last night and she asked about my face now. I clearly remember when I had to buy a T-card from the airport and how I wasn't able to communicate at all with the convenient store guy. I also remember having to get a new wifi egg because it was not working three days in. I remember the train rides, the mountain trips, and visiting lots of places in and out of Seoul. The saddest part was I wasn't able to eat anything due to the surgery. I miss the days so much. I just found out it is already half a year ago when I got my vline, meaning I can essentially fly back and have my pin removed. 

I took some photo today after a run. My skin was a bit red due to the wind. btw, I just watched Itaewon class, and I was amused by Kwon Nara's jaw line, but I am glad I asked to have 2cm left for my mandible. I think 1cm maybe too much for my face.  

















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