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Primary Nose and Primary Eyes in-person consultations at 13 clinics

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5 hours ago, kat said:

hey, are you getting a nose job in korea?  

best of lucks

I ended up getting autologous rib rhino in the US with Dr Toriumi. I like the results of my primary with him so I’m done for the nose.

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On 12/16/2020 at 8:04 PM, Hello3 said:

Hello, I'm Schadenfreude in Kakaotalk. I've done in-person consultations at 13 clinics (that's all I can remember at the moment. I will update if I remember more)

I apologize in advance that I'll be writing short reviews as there are many clinics and I don't want to write essays lol

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences based on my tastes in nose and eyes style which maybe different from yours. The nose style I like is similar to Angelababy's nose (round tip, not short nose, high bridge but in between natural and dolly or dramatic) and I prefer outfold, parallel crease for eyes. I have attached a photo of nose I like. 

IRON plastic surgery - too pushy, very money oriented. Over caring about me and it started to feel fake. 

TOPFACE - In person consultation, Dr Shin is knowledgeable. His style exactly matches mine. Addressed my bulbous nose issues and to elongate my eyes. But I saw a girl in the Kakao group had stitch coming out from tip of her nose when she went back home so that's a No No for me. And a friend of mine had her tip shrunk after 2 years althou this could be out of control for Dr.

NAMU - my Korean frd recommended me this. But Dr. Min and my style clashes so much. He goes for straight nose that starts from quite a high point between the eyes. You can see BnA on his website. He was against the nose photos I brought for him. He's said to be very experienced with revision noses and advices against Donor Rib Cartilage because he had to do too many revisions from that material.

Marble - overcrowded with local and international patients. I didn't know the head doc so they sent me to Dr Lee. He seems young and to go for very natural style especially with my eyes. I already have double eyelid and wanted to go for out fold, parallel crease and he was suggesting to maintain similar to my original eyes. I felt like I wasn't confident in the Dr.

Mate - some local patients there. Most known for eyes but not much for nose. Only 1 Dr and he's the only one who speaks English. Dr Chang is a Very detailed person and gave a long time for consultation. Seems like a perfectionist. My sister did her eyes here. Dr took a long time during surgery and maybe that's why my sister's eyes recovery was very slow. Butttt verry affordable. They basically gave us local price. Neat, clean and even eye stitches though and no issues. 

ITEM - Consultant is very precise. Dr Kim has given consistent eye results based on 3 patients I've met over the past years. He's known for being very natural but 3 patients asked for dramatic and it's the perfect mid natural, dramatic style that I like lol. DR Kim told me the Instagram photos I showed are not real and with many effects. For me to have more realistic expectations but he will of course make me prettier. He told me some methods he'd use for my nose. Overall gave me a very good "vibe" and Dr Kim appears ethical. Not money oriented kind of feeling.

Nana - very very expensive lol and Dr didn't stand out very particularly to me. I really like the calm consultant Kylie though. But compared to other Drs and their prices, Nana is wayy over priced so I don't think I like the Dr enough to be worth it. Based on previous patients, Nana's nose styles are a bit short imo

View - very professional large clinic (the whole 5 or 7 storey blg was View lol) but didn't make me feel pushy at all. Good impression from consultant. But they didn't let me see Dr Jeong because consultant said my face was too swollen from DJS to have accurate assessment. I went here a week right after DJS. DR Jeong does very dolly, cute curvy nose. Overall View gave me a good impression. 

Dr Jin Premium Nose - Dr Jin studied in US so his English is ✨✨✨ haha. He praised my English and I'm also amazed by his lol Very professional. Only does Autologous Rib rhinoplasty. Very very natural results. I think too natural for me and his BnA are too similar. I want a lil more glam. He assessed that my septum is too weak anyways and my nose is too bulbous from DJS so I'd need to use donor rib or autologous rib. And of course he believes autologous rib is better. He charges $10k for a nose (i know, most expensive nose haha) and I think $50 for consultation. Then $30 I think for lung Xray he requires you to do. 

Wannabe - a ps friend I met while I was in Korea did her nose and eyes here. I'd say Dr Cha's style is a lillll bit more than natural. Compared to Dr Jin, Dr Cha is more my style. However I wanted to raise my nose bridge but he advised against it. And if I want he said he'll add just 1mm bridge lol. Consultant (forgot her name Sky?) is very very nice and friendly. Best vibe among consultants I've met. Like a friend. But she suggests my eyes are originally pretty and not to do any surgeries lol 😅 Also 1 girl in Kakao group woke up a bit during surgery and so her lipo was painful. That's a red flag for me so Wannabe is out 😅 My friend likes her nose and eye results though and had no issues during surgery. 

Hanabi - one of my favorite consultations too. Some Japanese patient there when I went for consultation. Dr Chang only specializes in nose and his BnA are totally my style. He gave me good amount of time and suggests to reduce my bulbous nose, columna and add 3-4mm nose bridge. Also said that if I fat graft my forehead, itll even improve my side profile more. This I agree with. He also said I'll have to use donor or autologous cartilage because my nose base structure is broken after DJS. Hanabi charged me $10 for CT scan and $8000 for autologous rib rhinoplasty. So they're a bit expensive too but considering autologous rib, Hanabi price is actually not that bad. 

However, my friend did her revision nose with autologous rib at Hanabi a couple months ago and she is unsatisfied with how high her tip is. She was going for revision to raise her tip. I haven't met her in person since so idk. But I got a bit worried because Hanabi was my top choice after all in-person consultations. But someone else in the group mentioned her friend did at Hanabi a year ago and her nose looks great. 

DREAM (the one close to TFD)- used to be popular because they were rumoured to do surgeries on Girls Generation back in the day. However, Dr Kim was so so and price is not very cheap either. 

Hyundai This was a very random visit for my mole removal but the doctor - I think his name is Dr Min - was very ethical. He could make money out of surgery on my mole but he suggested I just laser it at a skincare clinic. He said he would recommend that if I were his family member. And as I consulted him about my eyes and double eyelids, he suggested to raise my existing double eyelids a little higher and that in out line would look most natural on me. So I felt like he's a kind doc with a natural style. I almost did my eyes here because they gave me a very big discount but my face was so swollen from double jaw surgery, I was afraid it would affect my results so I didn't. 



Also, most clinics quoted me 5 to 7 mil won which is much higher than many of you here. I think it may be because my primary nose needs a lot of work. But of course, we have to bargain bargain bargain in person. 

Typically, primary nose would be around 3-5 mil won and you can bargain down from that in-person too. 

I'd personally go to ITEM (now JT plastic surgery) for eyes and either ITEM or Hanabi for nose. 

You can find me in Kakao if you have any questions. My ID is hello3San. 



Hi can you recommend clinics for lift or fat graft? Thank you 


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Hi 😊 thank you for sharing your consultation experiences.

I have a question, after your consultation what was the clinics surgery availability like? Were they able to accommodate surgery slots after your consultation?

I'm trying to decide whether I should consult a couple clinics before deciding or putting down a deposit for a clinic..

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On 4/21/2023 at 6:05 AM, Hello3 said:

I ended up getting autologous rib rhino in the US with Dr Toriumi. I like the results of my primary with him so I’m done for the nose.

Could you please share your results?  How much was it?

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On 5/22/2021 at 7:19 AM, krystal said:

@Hello3 amazing breakdown! Just curious as to why you ended up not having your eyes done at either Item or Hanabi? Was it lack of time?

Hey, In one of my previous replies, I mentioned that I was recovering from double jaw surgery and breast augmentation (BA). My face was quite swollen, and the surgeries left me easily out of breath. Due to the double jaw surgery, I couldn't open my mouth for any tubing during the surgery for more than 3 months. So if I couldn't open my mouth to insert tubing, I couldn't undergo surgery.

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