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A new discord server (dm for invitation)

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Hi guys -- I used to lurk on purseforum, then ended up on a kakaotalk chat that seemed...kind of sus? The admin was kicking people and deleting messages with no explanation and it just got really weird. Anyway, I've created a new discord if anyone would like to be added. (Please note that the server's verification level is set to highest, therefore you need to have a phone number verified on the account. No one in the server sees this number).

If there's already an active one that everyone's using, please let me know.

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@tricenarian @Vivian_

couple of us what to revive our current discord, and would love help and mods, please feel free to help out.

In light of recent happenings with the Kakao chats, it's become exposed that the person operating those chat rooms is a very bad and disgraced Korean plastic surgery industry member who has been working underground as an illegal surgery broker since he was cancelled and outed 2 years ago. 

This is very distressing, he is the worst person to be operating those groups and managed to fool people into thinking he was a foreign female.


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