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  1. Lol i think I'm in the same kkt chat and I'd love to join you. The Discord chat that's displayed on this website doesn't seem active, I've been waiting to be approved forever. I'm not super familiar with Discord tho... How do I join?
  2. I'm looking to get my nose and eyes done too, and I've looked into some of the same clinics on your list. 101- Dr. Paik — afaik Dr. Paik has retired Cocoline- Dr. Kim Taw Hwan — this doctor has opened his own clinic called 1st button Wannabe- Dr. Cha — they seem to be known mostly for undereye fat repositioning but also do natural eyes and noses, but according to several people on tpf they haven't been responding to their English kkt chats JT/Item- Dr. Kim — straight, natural noses & parallel des creases, apparently he was more known for his eyes than noses when he was at Item (compared to the other doctor) Naturalism — I'm interested in them too but it seems almost impossible for non-Koreans to book them Luho — natural results
  3. OMG this is such a comprehensive list! I love it! Thanks. This Korean medical tourism organization also has a list of questions you should ask: http://english.visitmedicalkorea.com/eng/medicalTreatments/MedicalServices/medicalTreatments02/patientCheckList.jsp
  4. Thanks for this! I found the list of things to buy especially useful. It hadn't occurred to me that brushing teeth could be difficult post-op lol!
  5. Everyone here seems to be in their 20s, makes me feel old lol I'm looking to get my eyes and nose done in Korea, but only after they lift the covid restrictions. I would rather spend the quarantine fees on my surgeries On the bright side, the long wait time means I have plenty of time to do research!
  6. I'm interested in a few of those clinics too! How do you find out whether they can do dynamic crease? Is that something they put on their website or did you ask the consultants?
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