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Help me with any missing questions to ask rhinoplasty doctor

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Hi I am planning to get a rhinoplasty in June 2024 and I was wondering if you guys could check on my list of questions and see if I am missing anything that I should ask the doctor directly?


For background: 

What I want:

  • A nose that is very natural and suitable for my face. (My nose but better looking).

  • Chinese nose, not the super tall Korean nose (no dolly noses).

  • No silicone implant, worried how unnatural it will look and risk of infection and rejection

  • Autologous Implant, septal is preferred first and then rib (but I want to know the technique the surgeon chooses and exact material)

  • I like my side profile and bridge height. I am ok with raising it a bit if it is needed to adjust the tip for better proportions.

  • Tip smaller from the front view 

  • Less bulbous tip 

  • Most importantly, I want proper follow up and aftercare. Surgeon must be able to follow up after surgery during the healing period of 1 year minimum in case of concerns or complications. I’ve heard of many cases where the doctor and clinic stop responding after complications or obvious botched cases. 

  • I am also looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon who is ENT certified and has an anesthesiologist on site 


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Wow, thanks for sharing this comprehensive list of questions.  Super useful!  Your priorities very much align with mine as well… Glad to e-meet you! 😊

It might be too spicy and covered by section 2 question 12:

- how have you handled cases with unsatisfactory outcomes?

- relatedly, what is your revision/refund policy? (Sorry if this is already on there, it’s hard to double-check on mobile)


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These are all good questions, but one word of caution is some clinics might not be equipped to fully answer that list in detail, so try to eliminate questions that you can get answers from else where and focus on the core main issues.

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