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  1. I dont know if there are any other threads like this, but this is about as Meta as it gets. We are all on the plastic surgery journey because we believe our physical flaws are preventing us from being happier. As someone who has done 6 surgeries in korea, I'm still believing that if I can just 1 or 2 more things, I will finally be happy. Maybe for some people, plastic surgery brought their life-changing happiness, but it has not been the case for me. Can plastic surgery bring happiness?
  2. Agree with above. Assuming you are going to seoul for surgery, buses and subway are all you need. Unless you are adamantly against walking for up to 15 minutes
  3. Also, when I asked Claire from Namu about pumpkin juice, she just rolled her eyes and gave a quick laugh. I think the really experienced consultants in korea know the pumpkin juice thing is an urban myth... probably with very minimal difference
  4. I highly recommend jook (in english might call it congee). There are jook shops all around seoul, almost as common as a sandwich shop in america. Soft and nutritious... great for after bone surgery
  5. hi everyone, havent spent much time on BH but ive been active on/off in kakao groups. I'm a guy. I've done multiple surgical and non-invasive stuff, so hopefully I can help someone out.
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