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  1. Please note that you can try jaw botox first as well. It helps to shrink the jaw muscles and can make quite a difference. But it can be temporary.
  2. I would recommend using the SIM card as you would need to charge the pocket wifi separately.
  3. Hi everyone, I went to Korea for double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty two years ago and require a revision. When the nurse is removing the stitches, she used a scissors as she had difficulty and cut my epicanthal fold on right eye. Now it is healed weirdly. And the doctor pretended not to see anything strange when I went for the consultation after the stitch removal, which was disappointing. I intend to go back this year to confront the clinic and do a revision surgery at other clinic. My first trip was horrifying due to language barrier and I hope to do my research more thoroughly and only visit reputable clinics now. I also wish to see if double jaw surgery is appropriate for me as I have gummy smile and slightly recessed lower jaw. I am a male btw. Hopefully I can find someone as a companion for my next trip as well.
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