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  1. Wow, thank you so much for all these tips! ^_^ Would have went to Korea and been totally unprepared - absolute life saver!
  2. Hi happy1! Thank you so posting such an informative post!! I’m am quite set on either Shinseung as despite not being on the verified PS board, he seems very experienced and achieves good outcomes. With Dr Jang, how long did it take you to totally deswell and look normal enough to go out to eventa etc.? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the extensive info! Wish I found this before booking flights on 2nd Feb until the 10th Do most clinics close over those holidays?
  4. I’m actually in the same boat as you. I’m from Australia and have looked into PS in Korea based on the fact that the doctors there are highly exposed to asian features and thus, would make sense to choose those doctors over a doctor at home who mainly works on caucasian patients! I have however had second thoughts as medical insurance, being familiar with the medical process in Australia and being closer to home + spending less money overall all factors in in whether plastic surgery in Korea is worth all the travelling etc. ! Personally though, for eyelid surgery, I’d definitely would only get it done in Korea as I’ve seen really good results!
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