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  1. What an in-depth review! I think your results look stunning. Very natural indeed. Thank you so much for sharing.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone in the TFD Chat group could add me? I'm considering genioplasty with Dr. Lee in the coming year, and I would really appreciate to learn experiences and insights from fellow patients. My Kakao ID: suziesu Thanks a ton!
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering, for those of you who have had the experience, or who have done the research of this aspect, is there any significant difference between anesthesia appointed in surgeries in Korea versus the experience in North America. I start to wonder, because I read about a girl sharing her anesthesia experience in Japan, where she could walk wobbly, with the nurse holding her, right after waking up from GA, versus, in China, she needed to be carried and unable to move at all right after the surgery.
  4. Hi, could I be included if there is a group for The Face Dental
  5. Hi everyone! I was wondering how you started your Korean cosmetic surgery journey. I mean I suppose most of us are in North America, which is a 12 hour long-haul flight away, plus the language barrier. Plus so many fake reviews and advertisements and occasionally horrible news of medical accident there. What are the factors made you decide on choosing Korean doctors. In my own consideration, I'm weighing between, having surgery here is closer to home, legal and medical system is more familiar, to Korean doctors have lots of experiences, maybe more advanced technology (not sure), their beauty standards are more cohesive with mine (I'm Asian). I would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts! Oh I think I should share the surgery I'm considering are sliding genioplasty, super natural looking double eyelid, and some laser skin care.
  6. hi there, I did a Skype consultation with dr. Jamali it was pretty dry. I think I will need to visit him in person to decide.
  7. Hi Bugtype, best luck on your upcoming trip! I appreciate your edit. I have a small child and very limited time for research, and posts like yours really help! I'm very interested in getting my genioplasty at the face dental. I noticed they have good reviews on RealSelf and the fact that Dr. Lee didn't claim his profile on RS gives me a good feeling, against all the heavy marketings from other plastic surgeon. Could you share, if you don't mind, how you get in touch with Dr. Lee? Have you spoke with him directly before your trip? How did you do your research? So far, as my research about genioplasty, I only know RealSelf, RateMD (Canada).
  8. Hi bugtype, I also want to get surgery with Dr. Lee from the face dental, how did you get in touch with him? I manage to talk to a consultant on Wechat, but I would much prefer talking to him directly before I fly to Korea.
  9. Weird I contacted the face dental and a consultant told me I could do genioplasty and eyelid surgery at the face dental? just that the eyelid surgery is with a different specialist?
  10. Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I'm also considering the face dental for my genioplasty. How old is your baby, like you, after having a child, I had huge self-esteem issues. I don't even have any picture with my son until recently and I'm unhappy with my short chin that was so evident in the picture. Did you consult with Dr. Lee before you reached Korea? I'm talking with a consultant from TFD named Olivia, and she told me they could also do eyelid surgery with another specialist, weird!
  11. Oh one more question, I wonder if General Anesthesia and a lighter sedation is one preferable over another. Dr. Jamali will use general Anesthesia while Dr. Wittenberg's office told me he uses a sedation rather than anesthesia.
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