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  1. Hi guys sorry my English is really bad but I really need to find out that if it’s normal or not?. I had gyzoma reduction v line surgery in 2019 and my down chin are still numb and I always feel pain and always have glands due to pain.. do you girls who have been through these procedures have same symptoms or not ??
  2. Kakao I’d: Blisssoul can I please get access to revision rhinoplasty and f/l group chat
  3. Hi admin, I did f/c , rhinoplasty and acculift on 2018 at Braun. I was on purse forum and was on Kakao chat group, I met 2 girls in Korea vie kakao group chat. I am planning to go back for revision and I couldn’t recover my old account as I changed my number. So lost all the contacts and group chat . So looking forward to join the group and help each other. Also sorry for my poor English as it is not my first language
  4. Hi can you please add me my id is Blisssoul, i did my surgery in 2018 and I was in touch with some of the girls and wanting to go back for revision but couple of months ago I changed my phone and have to make new account as I couldn’t recover my old account .. please add me I want to start research journey for my revision ( pardon me for my poor English) thank you
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