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V line neck swelling Dr. Oh Regen

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Does anyone have experience with their neck swelling after v line surgery ?
Dr. Oh from Regen performed a v line on me without my consent
We agreed to a mini v line
My neck has been severely swollen since and they keep saying it’s normal but it’s been 4 months
I feel they cut so much of my jaw line off that it is my salivary glands exposed
I am so depressed about how I look and the jaw surgery he did my mouth is sucked in
I don’t really want to live like this anymore
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I did not experience neck swelling, only a little yellow bruise from week 1 to week 2. Did you see other doctor in your country? If the swelling is still severe at 4 months, maybe consider seeing a doctor who can prescribe some medicine for you if it helps. Hope you'll get better.
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Yes I did they will order me an ultrasound if it doesn’t get better but I heard it can be your salivary glands exposed because dr oh shaved so much jaw away
It’s very hard to look at myself
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First I want to say I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. Although life may seem hard at this moment please know that life is still worth living and this too shall pass.

When did you have your surgery? and are you the same lady who got her veneers
knocked out during surgery?
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I need to wait and also due to covid I cannot see the surgeon locally I am consulting with until June
I think I need to have another jaw surgery and genioplasty to advance my jaw
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It was 4 months ago
Thanks for your kind thoughts
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Hi I’m doing horrible and depressed and crying daily
Almost suicidal
I took photos today since I need a revision surgery and have to have a consultation I cried taking them
And looking at myself
My neck is still swollen my lower face is so small
Check my full review here

here’s my photos from today
I need my refund

also when I chew there’s food stuck in my mouth and I can’t open my jaw much
And it’s super tight and. Numb

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hi enlighten, i dont know much about the science behind these surgeries but i just wanna give you some encouragement. im sure things will get better and if anything you can always get revision surgery. please try to think happy thoughts and not be depressed. sending u lots of love and good wishes :smile: xx
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Hi thank you for your kind words
I try to avoid the mirror now
Buying clothes or purses doesn't make me happy because I'm too ugly to go out and wear them.
I was working with my jaw therapist today who said im far behind normal jaw opening and I need to fix that before considering surgery again.This surgery is the worst ever and I will have to undergo it again.
Dr.Oh's office has ignored me for a few days and really won't send me my full operative report which I need for my surgeon consultations.
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honestly enlighten, you are FAR from ugly. nothing even close to that. yes the surgery didnt go as planned but i sincerely feel like with time and effort things will get better. please try to stay positive you will get there! keep us posted on ur journey and the day will come when you will post back on this forum letting us know that ur surgery is fixed and u feel great now :smile:
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Thanks for the words of encouragement.
yes I'd like to feel great again and have my old smile back, my lower face is so small and nose so wide now when i smile its not even me. Dr. Oh said right before the surgery I designed your surgery and put extra effort because you're going to give before and after photos and you're going to be so pretty! and i designed your smile so nice. WTF?!!
I honestly still wonder was it a ghost doctor. Is he delusional.
I want him to say sorry to me.
it's been rather isolating during cornavirus. for the past month my doctors werent seeing patients and I can't get consultations until late may.
I'm practicing my jaw exercises and have to hold a cork in my mouth and it hurts a lot.
I have a long road ahead , my face was severely swollen after surgery for 3.5 months, I think my cheeks are still a little swollen.
I was suffocating after surgery because its so hard to breathe with your jaw wired shut and blood in your nose and mouth. I had panic attacks thinking I was going to die from suffocation. I remember asking the "nurses" for help and they said no.
I know I'll be in better hands in USA with caring doctors but still I have to find a really good one I can trust.

Dr. OH cannot be trusted.

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