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V line neck swelling Dr. Oh Regen

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Hi no it did not deflate and my neck is still swollen
I asked my new surgeon why my cheeks are bigger he said it’s because the mouth got pushed back so it’s relative
I just try not to look at the mirror much anymore

I also got my veneers fixed which cost 2000 dollars

My lower front teeth got crooked through this process and I’ll have the braces to re straighten them

this is a shortcut jaw surgery and not safe for your teeth

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Don’t let him get away with this. Make sure you write a review in all surgery review platform. RealSelf is a good one to start. These doctors have the souls as long as they get paid.
I wish you could go to the board and write them a letter including your photos and have them investigate or look into Dr Oh.

If you can, SUE him. You have a good case here and save all documents from all the doctors you have seen so far and have them write a report on the damages you have suffered with your teeth and jaw. they should’ve paid for your veneers to be honest.

I know a girl who got botched and she fought the doctor and won over 200k. Don’t give up and fight!

Everyone spread the word on YouTube under regen’s channel and warn others.
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It’s really good news that it can be reversed. I hope that your new surgeon will do his best to bring your beauty and health back. And a very important thing right now is your positive attitude:heart:
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Yes I tried to post my reviews on the top google searches for dr oh Regen including all k pop , real self, and other websites.

He probably doesn’t have a soul he is just money hungry

It’s so difficult to report doctors in another country and I did plenty of research

yes anyone who can help please help spread the word
I try to comment on every new real self review under dr oh

I need to use my time to get my health better and make sure I have the best surgeon and outcome this time , also it costs a lot of money even with a medical condition , braces aren’t covered and it’s still a lot out of pocket like 30,000 maybe more

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Hi thanks yes that is good news
I wore my cpap machine for 2 nights now. It’s a mask over your nose with a long tube to a machine that puts in airway pressure and straps over your head and ears and a chin strap to keep your mouth closed. It’s all a lot of stuff on my head and around my face. The first night I didn’t like it and took it off after two hours and then tried to put it back on for two hours and then took it off. I got sad that I had to wear it and he caused this on me! I hope I really don’t have to wear this after my surgery
I got a report though instead of having 66 apneic episodes per hour I had 4 which is good. (Not breathing for 10 seconds or more)
So yesterday I motivated myself to wear it and kept it on for 7 hours once I took it off for 10 min I got really thirsty and it’s uncomfortable having your mouth closed shut and if you open it air starts going In and weird pressure to your nose. I had a good score again 4 events per hour

I still hate him

but I must take care of my health

I think after the surgery I’ll have another sleep study and see if it is reverse and then hopefully it require the machine

I’m only 30 something imagine needing this nightly for 50 more years!

Thanks for the support

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Did she sue the surgeon from where she lives or does she live in the same country aa the surgeon? She must have gotten herself a good lawyer as it is often hard to find a law firm that can take on a medical malpractice case that occured abroad. You should share to us how she went about it.
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Yes please share with us the details. It is so hard to defend ourselves against these monsters because they are in a foreign country

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