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Schedule consultation ahead of time or walk into clinic?



After online consulting with several clinics, I've narrowed it down to 3 for my eyelid surgery. Should I schedule an appointment for f2f consultation while I am in my country or walk in when I arrive to Korea? Do I need to make an appointment? I've heard scheduling ahead sometimes requires a deposit, which would mean you have less of a chance to bargain. But not sure if they'll have enough room for me if I just walk in, and I'm going for a limited time of 10 days or so. I plan to go in March 2021. 


And how far in advance should someone schedule a consult? is 9 months too advanced? 

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There is a difference between consultation appointments and surgery day.

Scheduling a consultation ahead of time is always best, but nowadays you can getaway with just being a walk-in (due to COVID), but some clinics may end up telling you to come back the following or day after tomorrow if they need to prepare an interpreter or if their English coordinator has the day off. These days some English staff members are only working part-time.

Deposits are only necessary if you have already decided and know you want surgery with that clinic and a particular doctor and want to lock down the schedule. 

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