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  1. Hi, so it seems like the admin for the previous kakao group is inactive, so I decided to create one. Please join if you're interested in having PS in Korea in 2021, or if already had plastic surgery so you can share your results with us https://open.kakao.com/o/go4hXjTc
  2. It seems like admin has been MIA for at least a month now and new members can't join the grouchat Could someone give us the code, or perhaps we could start a new one?
  3. After online consulting with several clinics, I've narrowed it down to 3 for my eyelid surgery. Should I schedule an appointment for f2f consultation while I am in my country or walk in when I arrive to Korea? Do I need to make an appointment? I've heard scheduling ahead sometimes requires a deposit, which would mean you have less of a chance to bargain. But not sure if they'll have enough room for me if I just walk in, and I'm going for a limited time of 10 days or so. I plan to go in March 2021. And how far in advance should someone schedule a consult? is 9 months too advanced?
  4. I just joined today, but I think you have to make 3 responses before they add you! I hope you find someone, I feel like the 14 day restriction will still be there for people coming from western states though
  5. Thank you so much for updating up along your journey. I'm sorry you're not happy with your results The unresponsiveness is not right at all. Could you let us know what the first clinic you went to was so that we can avoid it? If not, I understand. I really hope you find someone who can help you
  6. Hi! I'm pepperonieats. I found out about this site through purseforum and just wanted to know what everyone had to say about doctors and procedures. Glad to be here!
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