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Facial sagging after FC?

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I haven't personally had FC, but I did read this interesting post recently:


I read a lot of horror stories about ID hospital on realself. One woman got V line surgery and they ruined her face and she said that she is always in pain and her face started to sag after the surgery. They don't tell you that a lot of Kpop stars after V line surgery need constant botox to prevent jowls/facial sagging after the loss of jaw bone.


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This is one of the frequently cited concerns that give a lot of people anxiety. Facial bone contouring aimed at size reduction is removing the skeletal structure supporting the soft tissue, so sagging can vary depending upon your age, anatomy, skin, soft tissue such as muscle and fat, and genetics. Sometimes facial contouring can be a two step approach with a bone contouring procedure done first, and then followed by a lift procedure 6 months to a year or more later. It's best to consult and ask these questions very throughly with the surgeon, and distinguish qualified opinions from those who may want to whisper sweet nothings ('no problem, don't worry') simply to get the surgery sale.

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Hi. I had FC done when I was 21 back in late 2017, initially (pre-op) I only had a very subtle double chin that wasn't noticeable unless I made certain expressions or you looked closely, so I knew I would have a high chance of sagging which unfortunately did happen. Still, I wouldn't go back to my old incredibly asymmetric face.


Honestly the double chin that resulted from FC happened like really fast because right after surgery I had a huge double chin that made me resemble a frog, and until now I still have some double chin left that never went away... I also noticeably have extra skin along my jawline. For the first couple years this was my only issue but it's been 4 years now and I've noticed that my nasolabial folds are becoming prominent + cheeks starting to sag. It's really sad but it's inevitable if you want FC. Some people are very lucky they don't get anything but honestly after seeing many other people's response this is much more common than you think it is.

I'm planning to get facelift soon and hope this finally gets resolved. Hope this helped.

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