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  1. may i be added as well Thelonelyboy is my kakao id thakn you very much
  2. Hello guys, my name is John and im still trying to decide on which plastic surgeon do my first rhinoplasty. The thing is, ive been trying to look for forums which give negative reviews on each of the place including VIP, JW, and BANOBAGI but i only see very little bad reviews and 95% good reviews on purseforum and realself which beauty hacker posts informed me are swarmed with people hired by companies to write good reviews about them. I want to join the kakao group/ the discord group but the admin seems to be missing and my kakao is blocked for some reason. Does anyone know of any other objective forum with real reviews on these korean plastic surgery centers. For some reason i am having trouble researching
  3. hi lisa im also trying to do more research as VIP is my number one choice for my procedures that i want done on me. The problem is i rarely find any bad reviews for the life of me and info about VIP in forums seem so elusive.
  4. Im a new member here at beauty hacker and would want help from anyone who has gone through rhinoplasty before as I am thinking about going on my first one next year. Ive been doing a lot of research and have thought about several things to improve my face such as mid epicanthoplasty, genioplasty, VIP's famous midface augmentation with rib rhino, tip plasty, and alar reduction to name a few. My philtrum is a bit too long but i dont think i can ever do a lip lift as the scars it leaves far outweighs the benefits so im just opting for maybe piriform implants. I also have a short nose as they describe it and would want to seek any opinions and people who have gone through all this process. Any feedback would help thank you very much. Ps. My main thing that I would want to do is probably the mid face augmentation/ genioplasty at VIP which is quoted at 18000 USD at VIP and tip plasty somewhere who specializes in that area...
  5. Hello fellow beautyhackers, im new to plastic surgery and would want to join the kakao talk but for some reason im not able to because it seems as if kakao is not registering my phone number from the usa....... do you guys think u can help me with this =(
  6. This should be my 3rd post so i can join the kakao talk...
  7. The 3 doctors im looking forward to talking to the most would be Myung Lee from VIP. Hyun taek lee, and hong ryul Jin so far. I am also interested in joining the kakao chats as the forums in real self and purseforum seem unreliable as there are barely any negative reviews on these doctors specifically. I hope to share my before and after results as well as photos of myself so i can share my journey with the people here as well
  8. Hello My name is John. I am very new to the plastic surgery scene and will undergo my possible first rhinoplasty/ mid face adjustment/ genioplasty next year around march. I'm in this forum as i want to learn more about the best and worst surgeons and hear about the opinions of people who have undergone these procedures before me to gain more insight.
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