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  1. Hello I have plans to do rhino and DES and was thinking maybe for time sake I should do both at one clinic ... However, I heard somewhere online that it's best to wait in between each procedure you do (recommending doing eyes first then nose), but I couldn't find any information about how long in between I need to wait to do that. So Questions I have: -What are the cons for me getting both my eyes and nose done at the same time? (Specifically I want DES and alarplasty) -If it is better to wait to between each surgery how long should I wait? (2 weeks? 3 weeks?) I want to be able to schedule my flight from the U.S to Korea accordingly to this information -Also (unrelated kinda) does anyone know a clinic where they offer in housing accommodation I just like the option to go straight to my room after being on the table to relax lol. Thank you! Also I'm still waiting for admin's kakaotalk approval to enter my KaKao ID is MomoCake (hamster profile pic)
  2. I would also have them sign on paper or in documents to sign that the doctor you met with will be performing on your face and take your phone to camera shot the documents. Also if you're going with a friend to have them watch the surgery in the observation room and be firm about it ! If they refuse then CCTV that you can view afterwards that the doctor indeed performed on you is a must .
  3. Hi everyone my name is Momo! Im a female in my early 20's I'm also looking for a travel buddy for Korea hopefully by 2022 whenever the coronavirus situation dies down. Kakaotalk ID MomoCake (hamster profile pic) Planned Treatment Stack Rhinoplasty (2022) Double Eyelid (2022) Previous Treatment Stack non first time surgery Daily Beauty Stack -memes -sleep more than 10 hrs lol
  4. Thank you so much for this post! So extremely helpful! I've been researching so hard on reddit and purseforum for detailed information like this and I am so glad to have discover this site! Is anyone else looking for a travel buddy to Korea from the U.S? I'm planning to find a clinic for rhino and eyelid surgery but I never done it before or traveled alone outside the U.S if someone would like to exchange Kakaotalk I'd appreciate it! Maybe we can share hotel cost and go shopping together when covid dies down.
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